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Hi, hello! I'm new to the forum in desperate need of help!

I'm brazilian and on sunday there will be a very cool event in which people get together to crochet granny squares and subsequently attach them together to make afghans for donation! We get a few very cold days here in São Paulo and a lot of people suffer and even die from exposure every year.

Last year they managed to make more than 200 afghans which is already a big help. Every one counts.

This will be my first time participating and I wanted to start making them ahead, so I'm looking for a pattern that will meet some requirements:


- It has to be 30 cm x 30 cm (11.8 in x 11.8 in).

- It has to be simple to be FAST so I can make as many as possible.

- It has to make a warm afghan. (I'm saying this because maybe if it has a lot of "holes" in it, it might not make a very warm afghan when sewn together. Maybe?)


Can anyone help me with a pattern?


Thank you so much in advance!!

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Welcome to Crochetville!


I can't think of anything much faster to make than a granny square, here are some free patterns for more solid ones if you are concerned about the warmth.  Some have little holes just in the corners, some are even more solid.




If you are a little short of the 30 cm size, but an extra row in pattern is too big, you can make the final row in single crochet stitch.


What a great project, have fun!

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