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Comfortghan for my Grandma

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I haven't visited Crochetville in a very long time, so it feels funny to ask for this.  Still, it's something I haven't been able to get out of my head all day!  My Great Uncle just died.  My Grandmother lives in a trailer on his property.  When asked how she was doing, she said she's actually felt lost and lonely since my Great Aunt died some years ago.   :(  We have not been close in the past years, but I would really like to be a support to her.  If anyone is interested, I would love six inch squares in any color/style.  


Thank you for considering this!  


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what perfect timng,my daughter and I just mentioned you the other day

one year my wish list mentioned books on tape,which you sent us,as a lovely gift

she has many appts. across town,and she is enjoying the books on tape

I will do  up some squares  for you,when they are done I will pm for your address

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I've got 5 totes to finish but if you'll send me your addy, I'll try and get some out to you. And prayers for your grandmother. 

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All of you are so amazing~thank you so much!  I do not even know her favorite colors, so I just hope for a good variety to brighten a mood.  Thank you for being my blessing!  ~sandi


ETA that honestly I've never put squares together, so there is no time frame.  I am so excited to learn!!!

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LEA!  *THANK YOU!* for your wonderful puffy package!  I need to take some pics to share with all!  I have quite a few squares to make a lovely 'ghan and am BLOWN AWAY by your kindness, dear friends.  :)  I hope to get 'er done and sent in January and appreciate y'all soooo very much!  

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