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Arm warmers.(about 5 pics)


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So I have really been into fingerless gloves since it's getting colder. I get cold easy anyways. When everyone else in the house is fine I'll be over her cold, so I thought these would help out a little. And I was wanting to share some of them that I have been making. All of them are knitted and I will share all the patterns just in case someone here wants to try them.


The first one is one that I made about 5 for my friend, she's wanting to give them to her family as Christmas presents. The pattern called for them to be shorter in the arms, but I love mine to cover more of my arm and that's how she wanted them too, so they are longer.


I also made me a pair of these in pink camo


Ok I honestly can't find the pattern to these but when I do I will post it.



The next one is a more simple one I made for myself, again, long in the arms.


I also made one using this pattern but with no thumb, just a little hole there. I made these the same, but instead of beginning to increase for them thumb, when it gets to where I want it I just start working back and forth in rows till it gets big enough, I think I made 10-12 rows for the thumb. Then join in the round again till its long enough for you


Here is the pattern



And this is a pair I had made from an old sweater that didn't fit anymore. I actually made two for me and one pair for a 6 year old I babysit because now she's into them too!



They are all really simple, but I don't care, I love them anyways.

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