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  1. Ok so just wanting to update you guys a little. I was talking to a facebook friend yestrday about this, she said to try cheap conditioner. I said i did but it didnt work, she asked me how long i soaked it, i told her that before i was told to soak for one hour in conditioner plus water then rinse everything off and put it in the normal wash, and she said thats not how she does it. So i did it how she does. Gently rub in the conditioner and let it soak in only conditioner, no water, for 24 hours. Then, leaving that in, put it on gently cycle by itself with a little bit of powders. She said if i wanted to i could use some vinegar during last rinse cycle, but i had none so i skipped this. I put it in dryer till al,ost dry and let it dry the rest of the way by itself. Now its not completely dry, mostly is just in small specks here and there, but they dont itch so far! Crosses fingers they wont itch, but so far they dont. I only have ones made from caron simply soft and red heart soft or with love, one of those two, but so far they dont itch and im happy! Feel kinda dumb the way i was doing it but at least now i know the right way.
  2. Reni, i have not heard of that before, thanks! I will check that out and see if its any better.
  3. Im honestly not sur what other places we have here, but i will look those places up. I have heard a lot of people on ehre talk about i love this yarn but i have never tied or seen it before. And yeah whenever i get some yarn i will just make something small and wear thwt for a little bit. That way i can make something for someone else or give it to someone else that can use it. Thanks!
  4. The other type of red heart was botique. That was dissapointing thereit was soo pretty!
  5. I usually dont buy sweaters, i have tried them on before in the store but while i have them on for a short period, they dont really itch. I brought a scarf that is acrylic and it doesnt itch either. I dont know if i mentioned it but i used caron simply soft and red heart super saver, their soft something type and another type of red heart, thinner yarn and it changes color. Really pretty thiugh. There is a baby yarn at my walmart, something like bernat baby yarn maybe. I might try to use the baby stuff. And i know my aunt is alergic to acrylic. She breaks out and itches when she wears it. But for me its more just itching.
  6. I have tried washing them and nothing helps. I have seen some type of baby yarn at my walmart but i just assumed it was acrylic cause everything else they have is, but i will check that out, thanks.
  7. Hmm, didnt think about sewing elastic in cotton. And yeah i tried caron simply soft, doesnt itch as bad but still bothers me to use. I have not heard of those other yarns, i will check those out, thanks!
  8. so i know its kinda early, but im really wanting to make some arm warmers for when it gets colder. I have tried making these in the past but the only type i have tried is using acrylic. The problem is thst itches me bad, to where i cant use it. I was thinking cotton, but read that doesnt stretch, and when i knit these, i do a ribbing so it will stretch and fit to stay up on my arm so cottom wouldnt work. What im wondering is if someone could help me with some type of yarn that isnt too expensive that isnt acrylic that will stretch a little and be good for arm warmers. I dont really know much about different types ofyarn, i just use red heart. But even their type thats something sbut soft itches me.
  9. U are probably right, I just didn't know what to call it.
  10. I did a little piece of the sc boarder and showed it to her and asked her which way she wanted it, she said wi the border. And she didn't ask for no border at all, just what she vocals fancy edging, like a lace type edging, or those 5dc shells, or the, don't know e name, but the strings hanging down, that type she didn't want.
  11. This has always been the hardest part for me. I know I want to do the top edge cause thwt is the edge where I turn and everything, I want to at least make that part a little straighter, but figuring out who many to put where is where I get messed up at.
  12. So I'm making my first shawl for one of my elderly neighbors. Came to me a couple days ago with some Red heart yarn and asked me if I could make her a shawl. I showed her some pictures and she settled on one that looks like a granny square, but a triangle. Well we were talking about how she wanted the ends, I could put some tassels or whatever hey are called, the strings hanging down, or a shell, or different things,s he said she just wants a plain grey shawl, no "fancy" edging as she called it, just straight lines. So here is my question. I will post a pic just in case u don't understand me on what It looks like, but when I get all finished, do I just leave it as it is, or should I go around in sc or something? I'm not sure how to end it. I'm afraid that if I leave it how it is with nothing, it might stretch out, but if I sc around it, I'm thinking it might not look right? I just wanted to get the opinion of people that have made more of these than me, maybe someone might have a good idea for me. Ok uploader not working for me so I hope this works http://tinypic.com/r/2gub69x/9
  13. I agree, I haven't seen a whole lot of things the Amish makes, but what I have seen they are beautiful. But I guess she hasn't seen anything made by them. Maybe she's thinking old fashioned or something. Still, I think things Amish makes is pretty.
  14. The thing is she helped buy two skeins of yarn that she wanted me to use, saying those colors she loved. And she sees my work all the time, I've crochet my cousins baby's booties and hats and she has seen them before and said she loved them and they are beautiful, so it just confuses me as to how she doesn't like them. And thanks everyone for the tips on donating. I love making blankets, I'm actually working on my dads Christmas present now, it's a blanket. I sewed him a blanket about 10 years ago and he still uses it, so I really wanted to crochet him one, so that's my current project, but I think I would love making some bed runners and smaller blankets like lapghans and wheelchair ghans. And last year I found I love making fingerless gloves, so that would work out perfect! i could also check with my aunt closer to time when I get finished with the blanket, about if the church takes donations for things. Thanks everyone for the ideas, u guys have made me happier now that I know I have a lot of options for donating things. I love to make things, when I'm sitting down watching tv I always love to crochet it knit something. Makes me feel less lazy, hah. I recently went to goodwill, and I don't go there a whole lot, but I found out that sometimes they have yarn there! They had two big bags of yarn there,$5 apiece and I got both, so I have a good bit of yarn I can play around with and make some items to donate.
  15. Thank you Barbara, I didn't even think of the police department or nursing home. I have asked my local hospital many times and they always say they are not accepting new items cause they have too many regular donators that make everything they need, so sadly that's not an option. But thanks again!
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