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Crocheted Puff


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So I've been making these "luggage tags", though you could also use them as a hair decoration, putting on your purse, belts, etc.  I've been using this pattern as a basis:   http://acornbudsyarns.blogspot.com/2005/05/crochet-luggage-tag-1.html But lately for the last row, I've been using 3 HDC per stitch instead to give it a fuller look. (And on some adding an extra row using the reserve SC.)


Today, I tried something new..a vertical type of pattern with pink and blank yarn.  Basically carrying both colors throughout the crocheting, and changing colors by dropping the color to use under the non-used color.   I'm pretty happy with the results. 


What do you think?  (I've position the puff one of the photos so you can more easily see the color pattern.



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