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Looking for a DMC replacement

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I am a thread crocheter and I started a project a few years ago. I pick it up now and again and work on it when I have time. I have been working with DMC #10 cordonnet. 


It is a very nice thread and for some reason beyond my comprehension they stopped making it. So here I am midway through a tablecloth and if I switch to a different thread there will be a noticeable difference.


I ordered some #10 Lisbeth brand cordonnet and I don't think it will work. While it is a decent thread, it is not as nice as DMC. 


Does anyone know of anything comparable (or identical) to DMC #10? I need a 6-cord thread with low fuzziness and a nice sheen. Please help a guy out.





P.S.   If anyone from DMC reads this, WTH is wrong with you? Start making #10 again!



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It is always disappointing when a product we like does not sell sufficiently to justify carrying it any longer.  There are number of "it is just business" reasons involved, but this is not the forum for that discussion.


It appears that one of my suppliers has the DMC #10 in White



If this is the correct product, although we do not offer DMC - if all else fails -email me directly


with the quantity you need and I will check with my rep on Monday to confirm availability


It also looks like Lacis may have some in stock as well -



Enjoy The Making



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There is a store in Beavercreek,  Ohio that has all kinds of thread and yarn that no one else has anymore.  The store is so full it is hard to get thru it.  It is called Busy Beaver,  Phone no. is 937-429-3920.  Maybe they can help you find what you need.

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