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  1. Ahh, OK sorry for the confusion. I thought you were describing a border idea.
  2. Your numbers are correct, I have a big bucket of 378 rounds I am not sure what you meant about adding rounds to the squares. Did you mean to add additional rounds to each square or that I should add the rounds as a border around the entire blanket? Adding rounds to each granny square is not really an option since the blanket would get too big. But the idea of incorporating the stitches of the granny square pattern into the final border is interesting. Do you have any images of blankets you have done with the type of pattern you mean? Also, I had thought about joining as I
  3. Hello, I am currently working on a large bedspread. It is my first time working with granny squares, and the largest blanket I have attempted I am soliciting some ideas for a border from you kind folks. Here is an example of one of the squares, they will all be identical. If all goes to plan, the blanket will be 21 squares x 18 squares (90" x 77") (231cm x 198 cm) However, I may adjust the dimensions as I get enough squares together and it turns out it is too big or too small. World and personal events have greatly increased the time it has taken me to do this project.
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