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  1. I looked at it again today and I think the picots just don't work. I did a little playing around with scs, dcs, and a few other things. A row of scs didn't really add anything to it, it was barely noticeable. Same with dcs, since most of the project is dc they just blend in without giving a border effect. And of course there is the problem of how to bridge those gaps of ch-7s. Another possibility is a few rows of scs with lots of increases for a ruffle effect. I might test that later, but it might be tricky on the corners. Sigh. It is my own fault for not planning ahead LOL.
  2. OK, this is a test run for some picots. Please give honest feedback My concern is that the picots on the chains don't look right. Obviously, it is a little "curly" since it is not washed and blocked yet
  3. I tried doing half or third hexagons and they didn't look right .... mainly because the work is turned, rather than in the round like the rest of the pattern. It made every other row look off. I think if I was going to do sections of a hexagon, I would have to finish off at the end of each row to make it match, but that would be 14 little threads to hide in the same place and it would not look good. I will try a section with the picots, that might be more realistic.
  4. It is more of a mini-table-cloth or a large doily. Originally it was supposed to be a bedspread but they stopped making the type thread I was using, so I got caught in the lurch. I don't know about single crochet .... I was hoping for something to give those edge spirals some "finality" ... a way of finishing it to make it look as if I had the border planned all along haha Thank you for responding though
  5. Hello all I have a spiral hex pattern I have been working for a while and I need to figure out a good way to finish it off. I would like to straighten the edges, but I don't want it to contrast too much with the pattern. Anyone have any good ideas? Or maybe you know of other borders for hex motif patterns that might give me some ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Finished this today ... P. Kristofferson design called "Tala" but worked with #100 DMC thread and #14 hook. It is about 5 inches or so across. I wish I had a better camera to show more of the detail, but you get the idea
  7. I got a response from Lacis.com. They say they have lots of superfine sewing threads, up to size #180, but they are only 2 strand, so I don't expect they would be easy to crochet with. I might try some anyways, but I am thinking my needle will split the thread quite a bit. O well.
  8. I have started doing doilies with small thread. Just patterns I have done in the past with regular #10 thread. Right now I am working the "Tala" pattern from Doilies with a Twist with #100 thread. It looks like it is going to be about 5 inches in diameter or so. And in answer to your next question, no, I don't know why I am doing this
  9. Anyone know a good website that carries superfine cotton crochet thread? (besides Lacis) I am looking for #150 - #200, 6-thread cordonnet, like DMC would be perfect. Please mention if you have or haven't tried the thread yourself Thanks guys
  10. Chainone

    Thread size

    Does anyone know what the thread sizes mean? Obviously the higher the number, the thinner the thread .... #10 > #20 > #30 etc. But what do the numbers mean? #10 is not 3 times wider than #30, for instance. They don't seem to correspond to a specific width. And not every brand of a given size will be the same either. DMC #10 is quite a bit thinner than Aunt Lydia's #10 or South Maid #10, etc. I am guessing the numbering system was invented like a hundred years ago and probably made sense then, but why? Anyone know the history? tyvm
  11. well, that's pretty much the only benefit of being very nearsighted I take off my glasses and its like having a magnifying glass
  12. I have worked this pattern a couple times, but this time I did it with #100 DMC cordonnet, which is close to sewing thread. It came out pretty small I would not recommend using such a fine thread, I just wanted to see the result. I wish I could get hooks smaller than 14
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