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Call for Submissions: Crochetville Cookbook with Kitchen Patterns


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I would like to create a digital cookbook/e-book with favorite recipes of our Crochetville members as well as some patterns for kitchen items (dishcloths, potholders, casserole covers, teapot cozies, etc.).


Would you like to contribute? Here are the details:


Submitting Recipes:

  • Submit your favorite recipe(s)
  • Include a photo that you've taken of the dish (optional)
  • If the recipe is taken from another source:
    • Write all instructions in your own words.
    • Give credit for the original source (book title, author name, publishing company, year published, website URL, etc.).


Submitting Patterns:


  • Pattern must not have been previously published, although it's okay to have it tested by pattern testers.
  • Pattern must be your own original work.
  • Submit one or more photos of a swatch or finished item.
  • You may submit a finished pattern OR
  • You may submit a pattern idea that should include a written description, a sketch of the finished item, and a photo or scanned image of a swatch that shows stitches used, any special shaping, etc.

Copyright Information



  • Designer will retain full copyright to all patterns submitted, including those accepted for publication.
  • Designer may offer accepted patterns for sale or for free, but no earlier than release date of the cookbook.

Publicity Information


  • If your pattern is included in the book, Crochetville will give you publicity by:
    • Including a designer bio in the book with links to your website(s)
    • Including the designer bio in the cookbook discussion thread here at Crochetville
    • Posting the designer bio on our Facebook page
    • Posting the designer bio on our blog
    • If you are selling or giving away the pattern, we will also include links to those pages in our promotional materials.
    • We will publish a special issue of our newsletter, with links to the websites of all pattern contributors.


    [*]We will include a list of all recipe contributors in the cookbook, along with a link to your website (if you have one).

    • We will also post that list in the book discussion thread here on Crochetville.
    • You may choose how you wish to be identified (full name, first name and initial, whether we include your city and/or state, etc.)




All submissions must be received no later than February 15, 2013.



How to Submit:


Please email recipes and patterns to cookbook AT crochetville DOT com.



If you prefer, you may submit your recipe as a reply to this thread.




We will let you know if your recipe or pattern has been accepted for publication by March 15, 2013.



If we receive so many submissions that we need a longer selection period, we will post in this thread to keep everyone updated.

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Don't forget to email us your favorite recipe or some sort of kitchen-related crochet pattern.


You can also post your favorite recipe right here in this thread.

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I need to get some photos taken so I can participate in this. I have a great soup/comfort food recipe that has been a family favorite for ages. Plus I just designed a very super simple dishcloth and posted it here in the CAL thread... This sounds like fun!

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Recipes don't HAVE to have photos submitted with them, but we'll be very happy to publish them if people do include them.


It's always nice to see a photo of what something is supposed to look like! :D

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