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    A by-product of being a homeschool family is that you want to make everything educational, and crocheting is no exception. That's why Crochet Kitten is dedicated to teaching the art of crochet, as well as using crochet to teach other concepts. I learned how to crochet from my aunt when I was 12 years old and have been crocheting ever since. Other than crocheting, I also love belly dance, bible study, creating things in the kitchen, traveling, and relaxing with my family.
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    Since 1996
  1. Thank you for asking! I actually found my testers in another forum, so this test is now closed. I just updated the title to reflect that.
  2. A few years ago I posted a crochet advent calendar on my blog Crochet Kitten. I'm looking to rerelease these patterns as a bible study in printed book form, and I would like some help with testing the patterns to make sure they are accurate. Pattern Information Pattern Description: This is a set of 12 Christmas ornaments that utilize a variety of crochet styles, including amigurumi, tapestry, and crocodile stitch. Pattern Style: Written with some graphs Pattern Photo: Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate Yarn/Material/Tools Required (provided by tester): Worsted weight yarn: Tan - 100 yd Black - 30 yd Brown - 40 yd Blue - 80 yd Yellow - 40 yd Grey - 40 yd Green - 45 yd Orange - 10 yd Red - 35 yd Violet - 70 yd White - 145 yd Size F crochet hook Stitch marker Polyester fiberfill or stuffing of choice Yarn needle Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: About 2-3 hours per ornament Deadline: September 1, 2019 Tester Experience: Adventurous beginners are welcome. Tester Responsibilities: Make the pattern and let me know of any difficulties encountered, any clarification needed, any typos or mistakes found Any Special Software Requirements: PDF reader Compensation You will receive a free printed copy of the final book along with a special thank you (and any mentions of your own crochet business) in the book.
  3. The CAL begins today! See this post for all the details on how to enter the giveaway: http://cgoanow.blogspot.com/2016/02/across-board-cal-diamond-trellis.html
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you brought this up, because this is actually something that the board members have been concerned about in the last few months--that crocheters don't think there is any benefit to joining, so why join? This, quite frankly, was my own feeling about it for the longest time. I do know that the board members are focusing this year on helping members get the most out of their membership, though, which is part of the reason they started this CAL. They realized that many members don't even know they get free exclusive patterns like this one. I also think you experience more from being a member when you join a local chapter. I can't speak for all of them, but I discovered my own local chapter has been a wonderful resource for me as a crocheter. They have monthly classes that teach new techniques, an ongoing charity project, and are discussing planning a retreat for later in the year. If you decide to join again, I would definitely recommend checking out a local meeting.
  5. March is National Crochet Month, and the Crochet Guild of America is going to be kicking off the festivities with a very special crochet-along (CAL). Did you know that one of the many benefits of joining the Crochet Guild is free access to exclusive crochet patterns for members only? It’s true! And beginning February 29th, we’ll be hosting a CAL for CGOA’s members-only Across the Board Crochet 2015 afghan pattern. The Across the Board afghan was designed by CGOA’s own board members. It’s made up of seven different strips, each of which feature a different crochet technique. If you ever wanted to expand your crochet skills, now’s the time! Some of the featured techniques you may have never seen before, plus we’ll be having giveaways throughout the CAL! The CAL will run from February 29th - June 19th, and everything you need to know about it may be found on this post on CGOA Now!. Note: While the pattern is free, you do have to be a CGOA member in good standing to download it.
  6. It's that time of year when everyone starts thinking about making winter accessories, so this week only my Outdoor Thermal Cozies pattern is on sale 50% off--no coupon code needed! It includes a hat, cowl, and wrist warmers--sizes Toddler through Adult--and can be customized with either a striped edging or picot edging. You can make winter accessories for the entire family with one single pattern! You can read more about the pattern here. Thank you for looking!
  7. UPDATE: I've got all the testers I need and the test is going to be conducted off-forum. Thank you for looking! Pattern Information Pattern Description: Scale maille bra and belt set using the technique described in this tutorial. Pattern Style: Written in US terms Skill Level: Experienced. Without the scales, it would be intermediate, but working with the scales adds a level of difficulty. Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Yarn and scales will be provided. You provide the hook (size J or size needed to obtain gauge). Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 8-24 hours, depending on size made (pattern is available in sizes XS-5X). Deadline: NOVEMBER 4 Tester Experience: Experienced crocheters needed. No experience with scale maille is necessary, as long as you're eager (and quick) to learn new techniques. If interested, please PM me with examples of your work or a link to your Ravelry profile where I can see your work. Tester Responsibilities: Crochet the pattern as written and alert me to any potential mistakes. Make comments or suggestions as to making the pattern easier to read. You will be required to send a photo of your gauge square before beginning the pattern. Any Special Software Requirements: A PDF reader is all that is necessary. Compensation While this is a voluntary position, I will provide you with the yarn and notions needed to complete the pattern and the project made during testing is yours to keep. You will also receive a free copy of the finished pattern. More info on the benefits of being a regular tester for me can be found on this post. Thanks for looking!
  8. My daughter & I are getting ready for summer, and so I designed this mermaid swimsuit cover-up for trips to the beach! I've made it available in sizes 2T to children's 16. Pattern is available here. Thanks for looking!
  9. I can't believe I forgot to post this before! I've got a new costume pattern set inspired by the peacock. More info can be found here. Thanks for looking!
  10. I just made these for my Little Angel. Thought I'd share the pattern for everyone. It's available for free here. Thanks for looking!
  11. I created this pattern for Crochetville's designer blog tour. I'm just posting here ICYMI. This fedora pattern is sized from preemie to adult male. It's available for free here. Enjoy!
  12. This is a pattern I created for my beginner's crochet class. Between the hat and the scarf, pretty much all of the crochet basics are covered. While I designed them to be used in tandem with my crochet tutorials, they are written as stand alone patterns, and if anyone else would like to use them in their crochet classes, they have my permission to do so. More info can be found here. Thanks for looking!
  13. My latest design for A Hundred Ravens is actually a bit of a lesson in crochet mechanics. As you work it, you will see how small shells transform into larger shells, then shell lace, and finally pineapples. More info on the pattern can be found here. I have it available for download both on Etsy and Ravelry. Thanks for looking!
  14. D'oh! There's a link in my signature, but I meant to put it big in the post so all could see. The pattern is here. Sorry about that! My toddler must've been distracting me.
  15. This set is made with a technique called Crochet Stockinette (free tutorial can be found on my blog). Unlike slip stitch crochet, the fabric is made with a variation on the half double crochet, so it works up quickly and results in a soft, stretchy fabric with excellent drape. Pattern can be found here. Thanks for looking!
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