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Found 27 results

  1. RecycleCindy

    Kitchen Towel Toppers

    Here are several double layered towel toppers that I have crocheted. The first ones are the pointed towel topper pattern. The last blue one is the waffle towel topper pattern. All of these towel toppers were made using the no-sew double layered method. I look for towels after the season and buy most at 50% off clearance. These will be for a fundraiser at my local nursing home.
  2. RecycleCindy

    Christmas Towel Toppers

    Here are some dollar store towels transformed using this double layered towel topper pattern. You just fold over the towel and crochet the towel topper onto the top without sewing or cutting. The jingle bells were also from the dollar store. I crocheted these for our local nursing home fundraiser this week.
  3. RecycleCindy

    Plarn Kitchen Basket

    Here is my latest recycled plastic bag basket. It is crocheted from green plastic grocery bags. I filled it with a kitchen set including a towel topper and matching dishcloth. This is another item that was given for an upcoming fundraiser to the local nursing home. More info and the free patterns are found here if anyone is interested in making these type of items.
  4. RecycleCindy

    More Charity Dishcloths

    I have been crocheting more dishcloths for an upcoming charity fundraiser. Here is a new pattern I just tried called The Ship's Helm. This is a super fast and easy dishcloth pattern. Here are three cloths I did in the pattern. Then I crocheted 2 star dishcloths using My Star Dishcloth pattern. These were done with different bits of leftover cotton scraps I had on hand.
  5. RecycleCindy

    Christmas Towel Toppers

    Here are three towel toppers I crocheted using some holiday kitchen towels. I added a jingle bell for the closures. I finished them up for some co-workers for Christmas gifts. I just bought two more towels today that were half price and hope to make a few more this week. I used this towel topper pattern.
  6. RecycleCindy

    A Jar of Cloths

    Here is a recycled jar that a flower arrangement came in. It was just such a pretty green that I used it to stuff two dishcloths in for a charity fundraiser. I added a strand of ribbon around the rim for an embellishment. Here is a closeup of the houndstooth stitch cloth. This was my first attempt of a dishcloth with this new stitch I recently learned.
  7. Here is a new dishcloth pattern to kick off the new year. I call it the Hexagram Star Dishcloth as it has 6 points. It is a easy pattern using HDC stitches and a great way to use up scrap cotton. Here are a few pictures of ones I have made.
  8. RecycleCindy

    Crocheted Kitchen Towel Set

    Here are some inexpensive towels and dishcloths I bought. I added a simple single crochet trim around the dishclothes and a towel topper on the towel. The items were crocheted for a recent hospital charity fundraiser. If anyone wants pattern info, here is the post with free patterns.
  9. RecycleCindy

    Kitchen Towel Toppers

    I have been working on some double layer towel toppers for our local Hospital charity fundraiser. I used the waffle towel topper pattern for the brown and dark blue toppers. The blue one with the heart button was done with this towel topper pattern that features a more frilly handle. All the towel toppers are done by folding the towels in half and adding the topper without cutting or sewing. I checked with the Hospital social coordinator and she said the towel toppers were popular before so hopefully someone will buy these to support the social activities for assisted living and the long term care units. I am also working on some dishcloths to go along with the towels right now.
  10. RecycleCindy

    Plastic Basket Tray

    It has been awhile since I shared a new pattern out of plastic bags or plarn as many know the material made from cut-up plastic bags. So here is a project I crocheted with plarn and wrote up the free pattern. It is a basket tray I made to hold kitchen dishcloths and other items for an upcoming charity fundraiser. I like this short tray type basket as it can be reused for folded napkins, toiletries, or other things around the house. Here is the recycled plastic basket pattern. Basket measures 8-3/4 inches long, 4 inches tall, 3-3/4 inch wide ends and with 5-3/4 inch handles.
  11. RecycleCindy

    Green Jute Kitchen Set

    Here is a matching potholder and dishcloth I crocheted using a granny stitch. Here is the granny stitch potholder pattern and the granny dishcloth pattern I used. These are both going into a basket I am putting together for this year's Relay for Life fundraiser.
  12. RecycleCindy

    Basket with Kitchen Items

    This is a follow-up post from when I share some green-jute kitchen items I crocheted. I finally finished up all the items along with a plastic basket I crocheted from recycled plastic bags. The basket which includes a towel topper, dishcloth, potholder, scrubbie, and oven mitt is for our local Relay for Life fundraising auction.
  13. RecycleCindy

    Country Granny Dishcloth

    Here is a crocheted dishcloth pattern that uses a granny stitch but with a little different center look to start the cloth. Here is the link to the free country granny dishcloth pattern at my blog. Here are a few photos of some of the cloths I crocheted using up different scraps of cotton yarn I had.
  14. RecycleCindy

    Christmas Towel Toppers

    Here are some Christmas towel toppers I crocheted for gifts. The first two towel toppers have jingle bells for the button holder. I used the waffle towel topper pattern to make all of these towel toppers. The dark green topper has a shorter handle as I was running out of yarn and just finished it up as best I could with the remaining yarn.
  15. RecycleCindy

    Kitchen Towel Topper Sets

    Here are two kitchen towel sets I crocheted for Christmas gifts. I used the double layered towel topper pattern and then added a few matching dishcloths to go with each. I am going to make a few more towels and dishcloths too. I love that the topper doesn't use much cotton so I have been using up scraps of cotton balls.
  16. RecycleCindy

    Plaid Dishcloths

    I just tried this tartan plaid dishcloth pattern. I used regular sugar n cream cotton so had to adjust the pattern. Here are 3 different dishcloths I made for Christmas gifts.
  17. RecycleCindy

    Waffle Towel Topper Pattern

    Here is a new towel topper pattern I crocheted. You take a kitchen towel and fold it over to create a double layered towel and then add the towel topper. I call the free pattern Double Layered Waffle Towel Topper. No cutting or sewing required on the towel, just crocheting the topper onto the top of the towel. Enjoy!
  18. LA Kitchen angels, LA angel snowflakes and gardlands, Beginner crochet 25 small projects by Sue Penrod, LA crocheted edgings. Please post will pick someone on Wednesday. 2 redrosedz 3 ratdog 4 alp 1 5 shuttlebuggy 6 nana 7 #1crochetfan 8 Avon Lady 9 mamarose22 10 bgs 11 beckyb My husband drew for me again and the person is nana
  19. Here is a beautiful pineapple motif! In addition to a written pattern, there is an extensive photo step-by-step. You can get 2 cloths out of on ball of a solid color dishcloth cotton.I hope you enjoy making this fun , and quick project! For the free pattern go here: PINEAPPLE MOTIF CLOTH Maria
  20. Hi everyone, made some hot potsitters, as I call them, for some friends, did about 6 pairs already, and they are double thickness, and in colors hopefully that will go in their kitchens, lol I love them, as I got one in the square by a friend on the ville, (bgs) and loved it, so I decided to make more!! here is a pic, enjoy! the are 100 per cent cotton, double thickness, did I already mention that, lol
  21. Crochet Cricket

    Round Crochet Placemat pattern

    Hello everyone, Just here to share my latest free pattern. An easy round crochet placemat. Check out my website and make your set today. Easy to customize for any occasion. Short project you can do with just one ball of cotton yarn. http://www.crochetcricket.com/round-crochet-place-setting-pattern/ Enjoy! ~Cricket~
  22. Chatty

    Shells Hotpad

    After my mother passed away a couple of years ago, I got a few things that she had crocheted, including an afghan, scarf, hat and a hotpad. I really liked the hotpad, and it was looking well-used, so I finally sat down this morning and studied it, and then recreated it. I wrote down how I did it, but since I'm not sure if she got it from a book or what I can't publish it anywhere, so I just thought I'd show it off On the right is the original one that I brought home and on the left is the one I did. Now, the other side of hers is solid white, but I made both of my motifs exactly the same. I think I'll make some more, it's a really good stashbusting project.
  23. Santa Pants place setting silverware holder. very easy to make. Takes about an hour start to finish http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/santa-pants-silverware-holder
  24. I would like to create a digital cookbook/e-book with favorite recipes of our Crochetville members as well as some patterns for kitchen items (dishcloths, potholders, casserole covers, teapot cozies, etc.). Would you like to contribute? Here are the details: Submitting Recipes: Submit your favorite recipe(s) Include a photo that you've taken of the dish (optional) If the recipe is taken from another source: Write all instructions in your own words. Give credit for the original source (book title, author name, publishing company, year published, website URL, etc.). Submitting Patterns: Pattern must not have been previously published, although it's okay to have it tested by pattern testers. Pattern must be your own original work. Submit one or more photos of a swatch or finished item. You may submit a finished pattern OR You may submit a pattern idea that should include a written description, a sketch of the finished item, and a photo or scanned image of a swatch that shows stitches used, any special shaping, etc. Copyright Information Designer will retain full copyright to all patterns submitted, including those accepted for publication. Designer may offer accepted patterns for sale or for free, but no earlier than release date of the cookbook. Publicity Information If your pattern is included in the book, Crochetville will give you publicity by: Including a designer bio in the book with links to your website(s) Including the designer bio in the cookbook discussion thread here at Crochetville Posting the designer bio on our Facebook page Posting the designer bio on our blog If you are selling or giving away the pattern, we will also include links to those pages in our promotional materials. We will publish a special issue of our newsletter, with links to the websites of all pattern contributors. [*]We will include a list of all recipe contributors in the cookbook, along with a link to your website (if you have one). We will also post that list in the book discussion thread here on Crochetville. You may choose how you wish to be identified (full name, first name and initial, whether we include your city and/or state, etc.) Deadline: All submissions must be received no later than February 15, 2013. How to Submit: Please email recipes and patterns to cookbook AT crochetville DOT com. If you prefer, you may submit your recipe as a reply to this thread. Notification: We will let you know if your recipe or pattern has been accepted for publication by March 15, 2013. If we receive so many submissions that we need a longer selection period, we will post in this thread to keep everyone updated.
  25. Here is the latest free pattern... The hot pad is somewhat open in the center, but the popcorn stitches help to provide a fair amount of cushioning. http://crochetncrafts.com/crochet/popcorn-stitch-round-hot-pad.html