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chiengora in process


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My friend E sent me some fur she collected from her Siberian Huskies (you can see some pics I took of Winter and Kooler here) and I spent a very small amount of time today spinning it up without blending it. I'm trying to figure out if I can spin it up by itself and get a yarn that doesn't shed constantly or not (I'm guessing I'll probably have to blend it with some wool but I'm hoping not).


It's actually not too difficult to spin, surprisingly enough. It's a bit slippery but not as slippery as silk or even merino. And the colors are gorgeous!



This is the first time I've spun dog fluff on my wheel, so I guess I am excited. :) Unfortunately, boxers and pugs do not have very long staple lengths, so I don't get to spin my Boris and Ginger. ;)

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