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  1. Welcome! I am from WI too, over by Whitewater!
  2. Lucky you! Ive always wanted to learn too!
  3. Hi, Mary! I am Carrie, from Wisconsin too. This morning I had to take my DD to work at 5:30 am ...the car did NOT want to start. I was thankful for my THICK scarf! I am in the Whitewater, Milton area, on a farm, where are you?
  4. I cant wait! LOL, and I am saving some money, too! All I need is to know WHEN, LOL! Weekends are definatly best for me though, I am a waitress, days, so getting a Thurs or Fri off is nearly impossible, unless I have LOTS of notice!
  5. Oh, Lily, your in Sharon? I just read an article about an animal santuary there....some thing I would LOVE to volunteer at, but not quite sure EXACTLY WHERE Sharon is, LOL. I live very near Johnstown on a farm, but work in Janesville. LOL, you probaly have no idea where Johnstown is either, nothing much there, but its east of janesville. Have you ever been to that animal santuary...I think it was called Valley of the Kings, or something simular?
  6. Oh, that hat is so pretty! Thats so nice to donate it! You could check locally too....I know our local Food Panty gives out warm hats and mittens ect, to those in need. Maybe your dos something like that? Would save you postage....
  7. This will be so fun! I work during the day, so I need advance notice so I can get a day off, but once in a while you need that, LOL! I'd have everyone meet at my home, but I live on a farm, WAY out, so FINDING it may be a problem....but maybe we could meet at micheals, its right off the interstate.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to check this thread earlier. I know my way around Janesville well. Theres a Micheals, JoAnns, Hancocks, Walmart with yarn, then there is a cute little yarn shop called Dragonfly...I will check on hours. Then there is a yarn shop in Milton, about 5 mins away, then two out West here, about 20 and 30 mins away, called Pins and Needles and Studios, which the last one Ive never been to, but I have heard its nice! Oh, janesville also has a Ben franklin too...always forget about it, way on the other side of town!
  9. Those are so adorable! What a great job you did!
  10. Hi! I have heard of this, but never got to see one! Sounds like something I would like. Does anyone have some they would part with? I would pay a reasonable price and shipping? Please let me know if anyone has any, by Pm or email! Thanks! CarrieAnne
  11. Lol, I am about 45 mins South of Madison, near Whitewater. I would LOVE to get together with you guys....The Janesville area is nice, LOTS of Local yarn stores, really close. I know of two out in the country that are really nice! Let me know what you all plan!
  12. I have a DVD, on Beginning Knitting. Its just the basics, from a knit kit, but pretty good.....also some nedles that are duplicates. Would love to trade for yarn or magazines! Please let me know! CarrieAnne
  13. Welcome, Kelly! I am from Wi, too, near Whitewater!
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