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Knit Purl, Portland, OR


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my friend has a new sewing machine and she bought it in Portland. She gets free lessons with the machine for life. Sooo today she went for a lesson and I went with with the intent of checking out any yarn shops that might be in Portland. So I checked knitmap and found one..but it didn't open until 11 and it was 10 and I wasn't going to sit for an hour. So I went to the 2nd one which was Knit Purl. :manyheart:manyheart this shop! They had all kinds of yummy fiber yarns to drool..I mean pet....I I I mean look at. But I did plenty of the first as well! 5 skeins made their way home with me. They are crochet friendly and would have wound my purchases into cakes, but I didn't think I had time. I probably could have had them do it.


Great shop..and I will be back... :lol:cheer:cheer

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What does "wound my purchases into cakes" mean? 


often yarn is sold in a hank.  illustration here http://www.tinselmint.com/2013/05/how-to-turn-your-hank-of-yarn-into-ball.html

it is possible to work directly from the hank, I've done it, but you do have to be careful.  i also like to hand wind my yarn when i get ready to use it, but many people like to have the store wind it into what are called cakes, flat balls of yarn.    the swift and winder will look something like this http://halcyonyarn.com/multi_craft/6801000S/economy-yarn-winding-combo-_-swift-and-ball-winder-set


IMO yarn in a hank is often much prettier to look at than after it is wound into a cake.  also storing it in the hank keeps it in a relaxed state, but being in cake form can stretch it if it was wound too tightly.  

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