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Love of Crochet Magazine Review

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Starting a new thread because I didn't want it to get lost or over looked in the other thread.

All the patterns are from two issues of Inside Crochet; 18 and 19. If you have those issues, you won't need to buy this magazine.


Issue 18, June 2011


Diamond Shell

Flower Bunting (Fun Bunting in Inside Crochet and on Ravelry)

Lace Skirt

Floral Choker

Dewdrop Scarf

wedding garter

wedding fascinator

Miser Purse

Willow Camisole

Lady Nada Hat

Solomon's Shrug


Issue 19, July 2011


Onyx Necklace Set

Sunny Scarf

Meadow Bathmat

Coral Dishcloth

Matrioshka Doll

Headspin Hat

Decorative frames

Storage Boxes

Camissonia Lace Vest

Diamond Bag

Adriana top (web bonus for Love of Crochet magazin)



Article on beading

Interview on Emily Brown

Article on shoe craftsman Ferragamo


Three patterns in Inside Crochet 18 and two from 19 not in this issue.


Overall it's a nice magazine and a lot cheaper than Inside Crochet if I'm not mistaken.

I don't know that I'll get it every time. It doesn't look to be monthly as it says Spring on it.

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I bought the Summer issue of For the Love of Crochet. I noticed right away that the format was similar to Inside Crochet. How are the two publications related? I believe

the Star Flower Stole is from Inside Crochet #28? Can anyone confirm?


I love Inside Crochet and would welcome a US equivalent.

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Love of Crochet licensed the right to publish those patterns from Inside Crochet.


The company that published Inside Crochet has gone out of business. Rights to the magazine name have been sold on to another company.mthat company will continue to publish Inside Crochet, but does not have rights to the back issues, at least from my understanding.


Love of Crochet now has a submissions call out and is looking for new designs from designers.

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I don't have either of the mags, and saw the Love of Crochet summer 2012 issue for the first time today at a Supermarket. I don't know where the patterns originally came from but I do know that this is one of the first mags (other than the lace doily mags) that I can honestly say every pattern in it is one I would like to do...

From jewelry thru toys, shawls, tops, totes, kid clothes, recycling material, tutorials and handy charts, and learning new techniques is in here and more.

In my humble opinion, I love what I have seen so far :clap:clap:clap:hook

It is well worth the price in my opinion...:hook


This is the current link that I have (and they even have a free web bonus pattern that is soooooo adorable).



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