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Crossed Slouchy Hat **Found** a Patient Tester


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**I have a tester but may open it back up to more**


This hat has been tested by a very nice, wonderful, patient tester & she had a few issues but got it done quickly & said it was challenging. I need someone who maybe has tested for me before but if you haven't & I know you from the forum that's fine too. Let's just say I had a bad experience with a tester & do not want to go through that again. So you need to have made Hats many Hats not just 1 or 2 :lol & Need to be up for a challenge and some new stitches. I looked everywhere for the stitch and while I found some things kinda like it they weren't exactly the same. So waht you need it patience, skills as in not a beginner and someone who has made many hats.Sorry if I'm repeating myself but this is important. You'll need to check gauge because it's a wearable & that's important. You'll need 7 ozs of a WW yarn & an I hook or hook to get to the gauge. I did not use the whole 7 ozs but just in case. I used I Love This Yarn & the hat fits me nicely and I have an average sized adult head. Also you must be able to give me feedback & ask questions along the way if you have questions ask them right then don't try to figure it all run screaming & say I'm the worst designer ever :eek

A week should be enough time to get the pattern done. My other tester got it done in a few hours but she is Superwoman No Kidding really outfit & all ;)

So if you had the patience to read this whole post & still feel you can take on the challenge send me a pm :)



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That is a delicious looking hat! I dig it! If I wasn't busy testing, I would have volunteered!

Good luck!

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