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  1. I undertook several rugs in 2013, too, but didn't bring freeform thoughts to their creation. This is an inspiration! I love how painterly it is, something to look at again and again! Delightful eye candy. Thanks for sharing.
  2. More great structure in the service of beauty. This looks regal and warm!
  3. Love this structure -- such a wonderful design in that it is collar, capelet and neckewarmer. The buttons make it easy to remove. Another brilliant creation of functional adornment!
  4. Gorgeous work. Love the cabled tree on the back! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing the wonder and beauty.
  5. CrochetSavvy, a free online crochet magazine, is offering a copy of the book 30-Minute Crochet to the winner who submits a crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness project. Details The project must be crochet, must be your own work, based on your own pattern or freeformed. Color must include pink, hot pink, and/or baby pink. Project must be for Breast Cancer Awareness. Winner will get a copy of the book 30-minute Crochet and will also be featured on our blog and social networks. Deadline OCTOBER 15th, 2013. Email must be received by midnight. Include brief overview of your project, why you
  6. :chookDescription: Three houses may be used as appliqué, amigurumi, or motifs. Created for a freeform project on healing and home. Skill Level: Intermediate Time to Complete: 20 minutes each -- one hour total for all three Deadline: June 3, 2012 Materials Needed: About 10 yards of yarn, hook two sizes smaller than recommended for yarn, tapestry/yarn needle. Other Information: Thanks! Found Three testers sought. Testers should be able to read charts. If you’re interested, please send me your email and I’ll send a pdf of the pattern set. Testers will receive a pdf of th
  7. 2-3 Testers Sought for IPod Case Felted and Not Pattern Level: Intermediate Time: Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours Deadline: January 6, 2012 **Tools and Materials** **Felted** G/4.5mm E/3.5mm Heavy/Worsted weight wool yarn approx. 80 yards (Feltable, no superwash) **Non Felted** F 3.75 D3.25mm Dk/worsted weight yarn approx. 80 yards **For Both** Stitch Marker Tapestry/Yarn Needle Optional: Button (pattern includes button) Thread (For attaching button) Please send any questions or comments via p-mail or e-mail. Thanks for looking!
  8. :cheerWowee! Five! Super congratulations! And thanks to all for the well wishes.
  9. Me too! I forgot that I sent in two and one of my designs made it! Happy New Year!
  10. afghan http://www.etsy.com/listing/68766934/ http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/************/795273 Doily http://chisako3.exblog.jp/11394889/ i'd make the top wider after the waist.
  11. I just got a set of knook hooks from eBay and as soon as i finish my current tests and commitments, I will try it. I think there are others who want to try this technique. Earlier this year I taught myself the basics of crohooking and made a couple of pieces. I love it, as I am generally monochromatic, and this pushed me to combine colors.
  12. There's a Fisherman Crochet for Babies book for sale on ebay- great price.
  13. My advice is to test your three favorites with your target audience/customers. I've seen so many names that make me cringe and others that are so alien to their purpose/enterprise as to undo it. The purpose of the name is represent you and communicate to potential customers something about your offerings. I would avoid corner, closet, nook, shelf, barn, farm, house, attic, kitchen, garden, yard, -- these are overused and limiting.
  14. Tituswoman -- gee! thank you! Monique: thanks!
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