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  1. I undertook several rugs in 2013, too, but didn't bring freeform thoughts to their creation. This is an inspiration! I love how painterly it is, something to look at again and again! Delightful eye candy. Thanks for sharing.
  2. More great structure in the service of beauty. This looks regal and warm!
  3. Love this structure -- such a wonderful design in that it is collar, capelet and neckewarmer. The buttons make it easy to remove. Another brilliant creation of functional adornment!
  4. Gorgeous work. Love the cabled tree on the back! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing the wonder and beauty.
  5. CrochetSavvy, a free online crochet magazine, is offering a copy of the book 30-Minute Crochet to the winner who submits a crocheted Breast Cancer Awareness project. Details The project must be crochet, must be your own work, based on your own pattern or freeformed. Color must include pink, hot pink, and/or baby pink. Project must be for Breast Cancer Awareness. Winner will get a copy of the book 30-minute Crochet and will also be featured on our blog and social networks. Deadline OCTOBER 15th, 2013. Email must be received by midnight. Include brief overview of your project, why you decided to create it, and at least 3 photos of your project. In your email, please include your full name, address and contact email. Winner will be selected by October 20th, 2013 and will be announced on CrochetSavvy website, blog and social networks. Email submissions to akua at crochetsavvy dot com.
  6. :chookDescription: Three houses may be used as appliqué, amigurumi, or motifs. Created for a freeform project on healing and home. Skill Level: Intermediate Time to Complete: 20 minutes each -- one hour total for all three Deadline: June 3, 2012 Materials Needed: About 10 yards of yarn, hook two sizes smaller than recommended for yarn, tapestry/yarn needle. Other Information: Thanks! Found Three testers sought. Testers should be able to read charts. If you’re interested, please send me your email and I’ll send a pdf of the pattern set. Testers will receive a pdf of the pattern when the pattern is published. Testing Requirements • Make each house • PHOTO of all. • Communicate typos, discrepancies, omissions and anything else you think relevant. • Provide feedback in this manner: Please Do NOT put actual pattern instructions or version of pattern instructions within the public thread~give an example or tell where and what the concern is without giving out the actual pattern wording. These are very short patterns.
  7. 2-3 Testers Sought for IPod Case Felted and Not Pattern Level: Intermediate Time: Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours Deadline: January 6, 2012 **Tools and Materials** **Felted** G/4.5mm E/3.5mm Heavy/Worsted weight wool yarn approx. 80 yards (Feltable, no superwash) **Non Felted** F 3.75 D3.25mm Dk/worsted weight yarn approx. 80 yards **For Both** Stitch Marker Tapestry/Yarn Needle Optional: Button (pattern includes button) Thread (For attaching button) Please send any questions or comments via p-mail or e-mail. Thanks for looking!
  8. :cheerWowee! Five! Super congratulations! And thanks to all for the well wishes.
  9. Me too! I forgot that I sent in two and one of my designs made it! Happy New Year!
  10. Elephant Mask Seek 2 experienced crochet testers Deadline: November 25 Skill Level/difficulty: Advanced Beginner Format Available: pdf Pattern Style: written Need digital photo of FO? yes Time: approx. 3 hours Tester Responsibilities: picture of mask, check for typos and errors. Note type /mfg of yarn, amount/weight Correspondence, Questions, Comments to designer via Email only. Tools and Supplies Adult 19”W x 9” H G hook/4 mm 1.1 oz/30 g worsted weight yarn Gauge 4 rows/5 sc = 1”/2.54 cm Yarn/Tapestry Needle Optional Stuffing- small amount for trunk Stitch markers Ribbon/ lace for ties Beads, buttons for embellishment Fabric Stiffener Compensation: free copy of final pattern Thanks for reading!
  11. my first crochet pattern in a magazine! My Blooming Lariat is on pages 1117/1119 of Interweave Crochet Accessories Special Issue 2011! HOORAY!!!
  12. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/akua-bird-mask-necklace There’s a red cardinal who has become my friend. He let me watch him and sang/spoke, so now I know what their song is. There used to be a female who watched me through my kitchen window. They inspired this bird mask. Masked balls, Mardi Gras, Halloween, cosplay, this imaginative mask will fit many imaginative occasions. It lends itself to embellishment and many colors. The smaller, child size, makes a lovely neckpiece as well as a mask. The pattern includes a recipe for homemade fiber stiffener, as an alternative to commercial products. **Adult** 12” x 8”/30.5cm x 20.3cm G hook/4mm 1.5 oz/42.5 g worsted weight yarn Gauge 4 rows/5 sc = 1” **Child/Necklace** 10” x 6”/25.4cm x 15.24cm F hook/3.75 0.8oz/22.7g DK weight yarn Gauge 6 rows/6 sc = 1”/25.4mm 20-gauge nontarnishing brass/copper/tin wire approx 1 yard/1m wire cutters, pliers **Optional** Stitch markers Ribbon/ lace for ties Beads/jewels for bird eye embellishments Fabric Stiffener Skill Level: advanced beginner Format Available: pdf Pattern Style: written
  13. Sigh. Got my samples back today, 10 /22. am sad.
  14. I made a list for my students of kinds of crochet hooks.... what head type do you prefer -- that is do you prefer a Bates-type or a Boye-type? Even as I look at different materials my main considerations are head type and length. Materials Metal Aluminum Steel Plastic/Polymer Wood Bamboo Combined (generally metal heads with plastic, wood or bamboo bodies) Head Styles Susan Bates Boye In between Manufacture Mass/Commercial Susan Bates Addi Turbo (plastic body metal head) Boye Clover (polymer body, metal head) Denise (interchangeable) Lion Brand Pony Prym Soft Handle (polymer body metal head) Symphonie (wood and interchangeable) Tulip/Etimo (polymer body, metal head) Skacel (ergonomic hook. polymer body, metal head) Manufacture Handmade Brittany (wood) Chiaogoo (bamboo) and bamboo body with metal head) Jenkins Jimbo Lantern Moon (rosewood, ebony) Turn of the Century (woods) Twin Birch (birch) Types Crochet Double-ended Crochet Bullion Hooks Afghan/Tunisian straight Afghan/Tunisian cabled Croknit/Crochetknit/Cro-hook (double ended) Croknit/Crochetknit/Cro-hook (double ended, cabled) Lighted Interchangeable Lengths Commercial 5- 6” Handmade generally 7+ inches Where to buy Online Accessories Unlimited http://www.accessoriesunlimitedinc.com Ebay http://www.ebay.com Joann http://www.joann.com Purple Linda (UK) http://www.purplelindacrafts.co.uk Surina http://www.skokist.etsy.com Turn of the Century http://www.turn-of-the-century.com/hooks.htm Chiaogoo Bargain Yarns http://www.bargainyarns.com http://www.handicraftcafe.com/shop/Products/Chiao-Goo-Bamboo-Crochet-Hook__T-CG-BH-x.aspx http://www.colonialneedle.com
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