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Beads size question?


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A lot of people use pony beads on yarn...but I find those unattractive. I'm not sure what to tell you what to search for.


I LOVE 8/0 glass beads (with the silver lining) on my thread projects...I am reminded of what Kristina said just a day or so ago..."makes it pop"!! ;)


I don't care for the look of plastic pony beads either, no matter how well they are made. There are glass pony beads out there, and some that sites call "rollers", and one with an Indian name...more or less the same thing (large enough for ww yarn) but very pretty. Just remember they are pretty heavy!


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The link at the bottom of this post gives a picture of one. You can get them at any craft or fabric store. I know Joannes carries them. They really work slick for doing this. They are a piece of equipment I wouldn't do without and I string lots and lots of beads.


Yes, yessss!!! The BigEye needle is a must have for beaded crochet! Its certainly saved me many, many hours of stringing woes!! LOL

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ok got my big eye needle this morning, yippeeee (that was fast)

i took one look at it and thought where is the eye LOL but i have no finger nails to open the thing.

anyway i wanted to to know are these needles easy breakable (havnt tried it yet) do i need a few off them??


I have two, cause they came that way, but I haven't broken one yet. I've BENT THE BEJEEPERS out of them, but haven't broken them!:lol

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Fire Mountain is a great place for references too. Here is a link to a chart on their site on the size of seed beads. :)



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