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    25, f, single mom
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    Omaha nebraska
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    crochet...duh, beads bracelets hats whatever
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    jobless now, student in may
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    hats and whatever
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    7 years off and on
  1. I am trying to find a pattern for a bone shaped dog toy...any ideas?
  2. I have been a member for years...I have moved and was wondering if there were any other members from the gretna/ashland area of nebraska...if so message me...I want to find people to crchet with
  3. Hello from Omaha, NE....I havent been here for a while...I have been a member for a few years but Im getting back into crafting things...As you know part of it is getting rid of things....I have plenty to sell n trade...or if lucky give away...message me if your needing anything....I have beads....yarn....knitting needles....paints.....containers....books.... etc:yes
  4. thanks to all of you for saying welcome back...email if your interested in tradin yarn...sketcherella2006@aol.com
  5. hey im from Omaha....ive been registered for years but i thought id stop in and say hello again.. i love to crochet but knit a little bit here and there,,,i am willing to trade yarn(you send me a box and i send you a box) just to see what comes in... send me a message if your interested...
  6. I am going to make a bikini for this summer......i heard dmc senso is a good yarn to use...was wondering if i could use RH Lustersheen instead? i found some on sale in awesome colors that i like. also got a ball of dmc senso to compare and they look very similar ...i have yet to try some swatches with the two yarns does anybody know if they are interchangable?
  7. i have the Crochet World Issue April 2006 i dont like any of the patterns in it. I am willing to trade for a skein of yarn...any kind would be good. pm me or email me at sketcherella2006@aol.com
  8. i was wondering if anybody has any types of yarn they want to get rid of.. i need more my stash is going down quick...i am willing to trade or pay for shipping costs. pm or emal me sketcherella2006@aol.com i have another thread started..Octagona for CSI....a childrens shelter..but no one is really helping...i was wondering if anybody could help with yarn and i would make the shapes....just let me know
  9. gross...thats why i stick with plastic beads
  10. crochetbabe


    i love beads they are great and buttons r too
  11. http://www.about.com or just sew them on afterwards
  12. i usually just quit whatever im trying to make. or i sew them on after wards
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