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    25, f, single mom
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    Omaha nebraska
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    crochet...duh, beads bracelets hats whatever
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    jobless now, student in may
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    7 years off and on
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    hats and whatever
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  1. crochetbabe

    Bone Shaped Dog Toy

    I am trying to find a pattern for a bone shaped dog toy...any ideas?
  2. crochetbabe

    hello from nebraska...

    I have been a member for years...I have moved and was wondering if there were any other members from the gretna/ashland area of nebraska...if so message me...I want to find people to crchet with
  3. crochetbabe

    Hey there.....

    Hello from Omaha, NE....I havent been here for a while...I have been a member for a few years but Im getting back into crafting things...As you know part of it is getting rid of things....I have plenty to sell n trade...or if lucky give away...message me if your needing anything....I have beads....yarn....knitting needles....paints.....containers....books.... etc:yes
  4. crochetbabe

    hello from Omaha

    thanks to all of you for saying welcome back...email if your interested in tradin yarn...sketcherella2006@aol.com
  5. crochetbabe

    hello from Omaha

    hey im from Omaha....ive been registered for years but i thought id stop in and say hello again.. i love to crochet but knit a little bit here and there,,,i am willing to trade yarn(you send me a box and i send you a box) just to see what comes in... send me a message if your interested...
  6. I am going to make a bikini for this summer......i heard dmc senso is a good yarn to use...was wondering if i could use RH Lustersheen instead? i found some on sale in awesome colors that i like. also got a ball of dmc senso to compare and they look very similar ...i have yet to try some swatches with the two yarns does anybody know if they are interchangable?
  7. crochetbabe

    up for grabs...new magazine!

    i have the Crochet World Issue April 2006 i dont like any of the patterns in it. I am willing to trade for a skein of yarn...any kind would be good. pm me or email me at sketcherella2006@aol.com
  8. crochetbabe

    wanted...homeless yarn!!!

    i was wondering if anybody has any types of yarn they want to get rid of.. i need more my stash is going down quick...i am willing to trade or pay for shipping costs. pm or emal me sketcherella2006@aol.com i have another thread started..Octagona for CSI....a childrens shelter..but no one is really helping...i was wondering if anybody could help with yarn and i would make the shapes....just let me know
  9. crochetbabe

    Wwhat stitch do you hate the most?

    i hate crossed stitches and puff stitches
  10. crochetbabe

    Just Received the Neatest Book!

    i love deals too!!!!
  11. crochetbabe

    Metal Bead Recall

    gross...thats why i stick with plastic beads
  12. crochetbabe


    i love beads they are great and buttons r too
  13. crochetbabe

    How do you crochet with beads???

    http://www.about.com or just sew them on afterwards
  14. crochetbabe

    Crochet with beads

    i usually just quit whatever im trying to make. or i sew them on after wards
  15. crochetbabe

    Beading anyone!?!