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    i just love crocheting girly clothing
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    Staffordshire UK
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    crochet, Jewellry making, chainmail
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    Artisan Beads
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    anything "girly" babies,ladies tops,
  1. bubblefizz

    Do you wash your item before selling or not bother?

    thanks michele for replying x
  2. Hi to all you crocheters out there, i havnt been on here for a couple of years and its great to see that it is STILL in FULL swing:clap:clap anyway im here because ive just got back into the hobby but wanted to know if you do sell your items, do you wash before selling or not? thanks in advance
  3. bubblefizz

    ladies designer patterns

    Hya im looking for designer style crochet patterns to buy of course apart from the fantabulous ning:hug i dont know anyone else can you help?
  4. bubblefizz

    Crochet wall hangings

    wow fantastic i love them...well done! x
  5. bubblefizz

    Latest Doily - "Pinwheel"

    gorgeous i love it....love the little lamp too
  6. bubblefizz

    beaded glass/jar cover

    Made this doily cover another pressie for MIL
  7. bubblefizz

    pineapple doily

    Wow its been a very long time since ive been on here!!!! i havnt done any crochet for about 4 years, and ive just got back into it:yay This is my return back project
  8. bubblefizz

    Best blog host?

    i use blogdrive.com i find it simple and easy
  9. Heres my grip fasinating seeing all these different ways of crocheting
  10. bubblefizz

    John Lennon Imagine Afghan

    wow and here is Mr Lennon (after reading the other beatles post) :lol my fav beatle absolutley fantastic :yay
  11. bubblefizz

    Beatles Graphghan

    WOW the fab 4 this ghan is just superb, very well done my beatle was John Lennon:manyheart my dad looked like ringo starr when he was younger lol
  12. bubblefizz

    One for the Brits

    Oh cool another yarn store Thankas for sharing
  13. bubblefizz

    Black Shawl

    Lovely shawl, thats your mom??? wow she looks like a teenager!!
  14. bubblefizz

    Spring Flower Bracelet - EDITED

    wow love this jackie, very colourful
  15. bubblefizz

    URGENT Anyone made nccg47 pineapple top???

    Thank you ladies, Ning has replied to my email PHEWWW it was a mistype and she has adjusted it