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1st time felting question


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So I've always wanted to felt, and I've finally decided to give it a try. Here's want I want to do and, and a few questions. All advice and opinions are greatly appreciated!!


I've never used wool before, and I bought Hobby Lobby's I Love This Wool. Will it be good?


I want to make star shaped ornaments, and after felting, embroider names on them and blanket stitch two together, with a hanging loop.


Because this is my first time and I don't know exactly what to expect with gauge, shrinking, what star pattern to use,and all--can I just sc a big square, felt that, then cut my squares out of it? I've watched on tv about a million times where they felt a wool sweater, then cut it up. I would really like to do it this way, if you all think it works good. Would I use a small hook to get a tight fabric to begin with?


Thank you to all,



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I have never tried the I Love This Wool so I don't know if it's for felting or not. Seems like it would be with a 93% wool content, but then it says in the description over at Crafts Etc. that it can be machine washed and dried. :think You got me. Hopefully someone else has used it.


Yes, you can cut felted wool. I don't know if that's the way I'd go with this though. Seems like you'd have a lot of waste. What I'd do is make one in the shape I wanted, felt it, and then go from there as to whether I need to make it smaller, larger, or whatever. The results you get from felting depends on the yarn you use, your washer, temp of water, ... lots of things. It's really just trial and error. And believe me, I've made lots of errors! :P


You'd use a hook size larger than what is called for on the yarn label. You want a very loose fabric before felting.


Here's an article with a few tips on felting ...


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Felting and then cutting will work fine, and even if you have some waste, you'll save a lot of time doing that rather than crocheting the individual shapes. More cost effective yet would be to find an old wool sweater at the thrift shop, and felt and cut that.

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Here are a couple of star patterns that I found (I just googled crochet star pattern):






Here is a whole list of star patterns:




I think I would crochet up a few different stars using different patterns. I would use a hook at least 2 sizes bigger than the pattern calls for. Keep notes on what you used, then I would felt them and see which ones I liked the best.


As for putting 2 stars together and blanket stitching them together, I don't think you need to use 2 stars. Felting creates quite a thick fabric, so in my opinion, 1 would be thick enough. I would still add the embroidery to it.


As the others before me mentioned, another option would be to get a 100% wool sweater and felt the whole thing, then cut the stars out of the fabric.


As for Hobby Lobby's yarn, I can't offer any advise on it...I have never used that brand in my felting. We don't have Hobby Lobby here. Hope this helps!

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Thanks all,


I'm still thinking about how I want to do this. I still have two other projects in line to finish first...so it'll be a week or so before I get to it.



As for putting 2 stars together and blanket stitching them together, my thought was to hide the backside of my embriodery, I'm sure it won't be pretty. OHHHH--maybe I could frame them instead--or sew them to something else, a wall hanging or table runner (mil is not an afghan person) she loves all the old looking primitive stuff. Well, now the ideas are flowing....I'll get back to you when I decide what to do!!





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Thanks. I did a couple of swatches. I felted one by hand and the other in the washer, and took before and after measurements of each. It was certainly a learning experience and I'm glad I did it. Now if only I could get the time to do the actual project!!

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