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    hot pad versus pot holder

    I am curiously seeking opinions on the subject of pot holders versus hot pads. I personally crochet "hot pads" and use them to put hot pots/pans/dishes on to protect table and counter tops. I have never used a crocheted "pot holder" fearing that it, even double layered, one would get burned. Or that they would wear out quickly. I always worry that when I give hot pads as a gift that they will be misused as a pot holder and someone else will get burned. What do you think? Am I just missing out on the "perfect potholder pattern" that everyone loves? I know that I am paranoid and mildly O C D so let me have it! Thank you.
  2. MarciMarie

    Breaking Bad

    The main couple in the show "Breaking Bad" has a large granny square blanket on the back of their couch.
  3. MarciMarie

    Island Fever

  4. MarciMarie

    Just how old are you?

    I turned 35 this year and have been crocheting for 10 years. Last summer I taught my nieces 8 & 12. They still only chain and sc, but it's enough for them to make a few things. I can't wait to teach my soon to be 5 year old daughter.
  5. MarciMarie

    Breaking Bad

    The new season starts soon. I'm looking forward to it!!
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    Yo Gabba Gabba

    So Awesome!! Great job, they are perfect!
  7. MarciMarie

    Looking for a tropical(palm trees) bedspread/afghan

    This one's not free, but I found this book http://www.craftconn.com/Main.asp?Step=Book+Details&Task=Custom&productID=21097 Here's a free square http://dayna.tdgservices.com/ShowPattern.aspx?PatternID=89 I got to go now, but will try to look more later. Hope you find what your looking for!
  8. MarciMarie

    very easy crochet mittens

    I haven't tried these yet, but intent to http://bevq.blogspot.com/2010/01/whole-mitten-along-on-one-page.html Good Luck
  9. MarciMarie

    MIL rant

    Why does my MIL do this? It drives me crazy!! I make things and she acts like she couldn't care less. Then when she sees something similar for sale, she calls makes the biggest deal over it, "oh look, did you make that! you should make those and sale them! oh those are so great!" She is such a "brand name" is so important kind of person and nothing is worth anything unless it has a good name on the tag. It drives me crazy!! If I like something it doesn't matter where it's from, grrrrr! Anyway, todays rant is about this cupcake hat I made last year: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=95432&highlight=cupcake+hat Then she calls just now insisting I look at QVC at these hats: http://www.qvc.com/qsearch/search.aspx EDIT: this link isn't going exactly where i wanted and can't get it right. If your interested in looking you have to type "kids hats" in the search box. The are crochted hats from San Diego Hat Company. They are cute cupcake, sock monkey, and bear hats, plus lots more for $28.00. I will still try to fix my link problem. 2nd EDIT: http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A204496.desc.San-Diego-Hat-Co-Kids-Chenille-Brown-Cupcake-Hat I think this link will take you to the specific cupcake hat, but the rest are still worth looking at. I also looked at the San Diego Hat company's website and the same hats were I think $32.00 directly from them Wow, it's on QVC, now it's a good hat! BLECH! Sorry, just ranting.
  10. MarciMarie

    MIL rant

    Oh, I always agree, and ignore, and don't cause trouble, and don't fight or argue, but sometimes you just gotta grumble to someone!
  11. MarciMarie

    SEWING pattern needed, can you help?

    I would simply cut a rectangle. Make a small hem in the two long ends, and sew velcro to each side just under the hem. Then fold right sides together, and sew the two short side together. Flip right side out and ta-da, a little bag to hold pencils! Just a quick idea, I'm so sure you could find something better. This http://everythingyourmamamade.com/ is a good blog with TONS of links to other craft sites wit great tutorials. Good luck
  12. MarciMarie

    Little Monster Set

    Super cute!! I LOVE both sets, great job.
  13. MarciMarie

    Need Easy/Pretty Edging for RR

    My usual rr border is a reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch) but my last one a did a shell border by doing: 5 dc in one stitch, (skip one stitch, sc in next, skip one), 5 dc in next then repeat (). It was really nice, sometimes at the points and valleys you have to fudge a little and skip more or less to get the shells to lay where you want them. If you search you will also see pics of a really neat rope border, but I don't have that pattern yet. Good luck!!
  14. MarciMarie

    men's earflap hat

    My BIL has requested an earflap hat in the Jamacain flag colors. I have found several patterns, but wondered if anyone has a favorite man one to recommend before I just randomly choose one. Thank you, ADDED: After more research I think I'm trying to decide between this one http://travel-headwear.blogspot.com/search/label/ear%20flap%20hat and Crojulies here: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=106799&highlight=ear+flap+hat+pattern, but still open to suggestions!
  15. MarciMarie

    Advent calendar pattern?

    I googled advent canendar crochet pattern. So far I found this one: http://sewingchick.blogspot.com/search/label/advent%20calendar they crocheted the little stockings and such and strung them like a garland. scroll down a little to see. or- you know those mesh earring hanging organizers? maybe make solid rows under open mesh rows. sew squares with numbers on the solid rows, and hang the ornament on the mesh row above it? I can see it in my mind, but maybe it doesn't translate well into words:think I hope you find something.
  16. MarciMarie

    Size Increase for Felting

    I do not have any real experience, all I have felted were some sample squares, but I wonder if the great texture in that second pattern would be felted away. I would hate to spend the time on a great pattern like that just to have it go away, so I'm interested to hear what others think too. Sorry, not really help, just more questions!
  17. MarciMarie

    Shark Hat!

    I have this hat on my to - do list. I bought the yarn and it needs to be done by the end of the month, after my rr that needs to be done by Sunday, and my hello kitty hat that needs to be done the next week.......there both "almost done":blush Oh, I'm not worried. It's the way I do things,
  18. MarciMarie

    rr borders

    I've done several round ripples, and always do a reverse sc border. The one I'm working on now is almost done, and I really want to do a different border. What is your favorite? I'm using three solid colors and a verigated, if that matters. Thanks for your opinions!
  19. MarciMarie

    Baby Hat

    I've done this one a couple of times http://www.leslieland.blogspot.com/ It's really good, and very simple to make larger or smaller. Hope it helps!
  20. MarciMarie

    1st time felting question

    Thanks. I did a couple of swatches. I felted one by hand and the other in the washer, and took before and after measurements of each. It was certainly a learning experience and I'm glad I did it. Now if only I could get the time to do the actual project!!
  21. MarciMarie

    1st time felting question

    So I've always wanted to felt, and I've finally decided to give it a try. Here's want I want to do and, and a few questions. All advice and opinions are greatly appreciated!! I've never used wool before, and I bought Hobby Lobby's I Love This Wool. Will it be good? I want to make star shaped ornaments, and after felting, embroider names on them and blanket stitch two together, with a hanging loop. Because this is my first time and I don't know exactly what to expect with gauge, shrinking, what star pattern to use,and all--can I just sc a big square, felt that, then cut my squares out of it? I've watched on tv about a million times where they felt a wool sweater, then cut it up. I would really like to do it this way, if you all think it works good. Would I use a small hook to get a tight fabric to begin with? Thank you to all, MarciMarci
  22. MarciMarie

    Round Ripple

    like the others said, it does depends on the yarn, but mostly I use red heart yarn and an I hook.
  23. MarciMarie

    fun gloves!

    Wow, very cute and a great deal! You can't beat that.
  24. MarciMarie

    Comfort Shawl

    That is a great shawl! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to find that pattern!
  25. MarciMarie

    how to crochet horns

    You may have already tried this, but I typed "viking hat" into the search and found some info on other horned hats made by 'villers. Good luck!