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Types of Yarn helps explain it a little bit.


Yarn Yak also gives more information on ply and weight.


Wool Works has even more information, written in a slight "Dummies Crochet" type of format, lol.


Another one: Standard Yarn Weight System



Lewis Craft has a list of some "knitting worsted weight" yarns, one brand I have here at home and it says Worsted on the package. So yeah, IMO knitting worsted wt is the same as worsted. Hope this helps!

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Hi, Amber! :D! I think you haven't gotten a lot of response because this is a difficult question. In my travels I have seen no difference between yarn labeled worsted weight and yarn labeled knitting worsted weight. But I haven't found a reference that actually states they are the same.


If you see yarn labeled DK (which means double knitting) weight, that will be somewhere between sport weight and worsted weight (thicker than sport but thinner than worsted).


The thing is, though, that even when different yarns are all labeled worsted, they can work up to different gauges. I find Red Heart Super Saver to be thicker than most other worsted weight yarns. The best thing to do is work a gauge swatch to be sure the finished product will be the size you want. If one yarn you are using is slightly thinner than the other, then maybe you could use the next hook size up to make them work together. If one is too much thinner than the other, it probably wouldn't work out. You will find out everything you need to know by working gauge swatches. :))


If you want to use two different yarns together in the same project, work one gauge swatch of each with the same hook. If one swatch is bigger than the other, then change hook sizes on one of the yarns and work another swatch to see if you can get it the right size. Once you have two gauge swatches the same size, you will know what hook you need to use on each yarn.

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