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  1. Thanks for making my bag! you did an awesome job!!! I really love seeing all the variations in color that everyone chooses. I think your friend will be thrilled. The gromets do take a bit 'o patience to get in, but I think it gives the bag a really nice finished look. ~DAWN
  2. Okay, the link works again. When I made the pattern corrections, I forgot to go back and update all the links to the pattern, DUH! This is getting to be really embarrassing but I think I finally have it all sorted out. I swear, this bag is worth all the trouble..... Thanks for all your help and support, people! ~ DAWN
  3. I have found the problem with flap portion of the bag and corrected it. I appologize to anyone who got the the Chevron flap and went "Arughhhhhhhhh":thair ~ DAWN
  4. Very cute. I love this pattern! ~ DAWN
  5. You did a great job and I love the stripes! great use of black and white. You will get lots of compliments on it for sure. ~ DAWN
  6. You guys are great and I say "Thank You" very much for the compliments. I hope you enjoy the bag and get lots of use out of it. ~ DAWN
  7. Thank you so much, goldi for the awesome package chuck full of great wool for the winter. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it, but you can bet I will come up with something. Behold: I hope the rest of you get some good stuff, too. Wolfeyez76--yours is on the way!! ~ DAWN
  8. CORRECTION NOTICE Amy and Deneen brought to my attention that there was an error somewhere in the flap portion of the bag. I have made the necessary corrections so please feel free to make the bag without pulling your hair out. The correction was as follows: do not make 6 dc in next stitch, instead: (3 dc in next stitch)twice. In other words, 3 dc in next stitch, 3 dc in next stitch. Click the photo to take you to the link. I really hope you enjoy this new pattern. Peace~ DAWN
  9. Jennifer (Wolfeyez76) I just ordered your yarn! It will probably take a few weeks to get here -- one of the companies takes forever, but it will be worth it -- I hope you like all the different color choices I made for you. You seemed pretty open in your responses so I think I'm good. Hee hee, I can't wait to put your package together ~DAWN
  10. I made McCrabbies un-named Scarf for this project. I just finished it and am going to pack it up and mail it off tomorrow. Thanks for the info for this cause. I was glad to be a part of it. ~ DAWN
  11. Here is the scarf I made using this wonderful pattern!! It is really a beautiful scarf. I used Simply Soft in "bone" and I chained 180. Love it!! I made it for a charity and I will definately be making more: Thanks for the pattern! ~ DAWN
  12. This is such a pretty scarf!! It is on my list of "make me's"! Thank you;) ~ DAWN
  13. I just filled out my form. I'm in! ~ DAWN
  14. Good job!! they look great. Are you hooked on thread, yet? I like working with it as a change of pace. ~ DAWN
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