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Knitted Fingerless Gloves


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Well I not onlky do crochet I also knite. :blush

And here is the latest finished knitting project.




I love the color. It goes from silvery white to silver grey then black. The yarn is silky and 100% cotton. Bargin buy at 99 cents per 50 gram ball. I wanted to do something special with this yarn. But couldn't find a pattern that would show off the colors. And that is what I really wanted. So I checked how many stitches you should cast on for my hand and just started. Simple stitches big impression.




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:cheer Those are great! I really like the colors, too! I've never tried knitting the gloves in cotton, although after seeing yours, I might give it a try! I find fingerless gloves work up fairly quick... I like that, ha ha!


I also knit - you can check in my signature for my Flickr page, the knitting is on the 2nd and 3rd page I think.

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