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  1. Oh I love this time of year! Just to let you all know I live in Germany. My wish list is small, I want to grant more. Send me surprises if you want to. I absolutly love surprises! Letters and Postcards from you would be great I'm a big coffee drinker. Flavored coffees would make my day. And for the coffee maybe some coffee mate? Holiday flavors would be sweet. Patterns from the 50s if you happen to have any you want to give away. Crocheting, knitting or sewing, doesn't matter. yes I know one shouldn't edit a once posted wish list but I have one wish that I almost forgot about. If anyone bought the copy of Shape Magazine with kelly Osbourne on the cover and is finished with it, would you mind sending it to me? and my last wish is that everyone has happy and healthy holidays.
  2. Hi i'm Monique and I live in germany. I've been on and off from the ville for a while now. Depending on Jobs etc. I'm married with a great guy, no kids, three cats. Here is my wish list: :rosePatterns from the 50s. If you happen to have anything from the 1950s, doesn't matter if it's sewing, knitting or crocheting i'd love to have the original. (Admin Reminder: please follow Crochetville's copyright guidelines. You cannot send copies of patterns. You must send originals, and cannot keep a copy for yourself.) I am a great coffee drinker and I love the flavored coffee creamer powders that i've tried from the states. I'd love to have some again. As I said I have three cats, toys and goodies for them would make their day. :bheart The love of my life loves reeses pieces. Is anyone willing to send him some? Please! Snailmail! Postcards of where you live, letters etc would make my day. I'll even write back! yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks practicly anthing to make something out of it would have a new home here and be greatly loved. This is my wish list. Now i'm off to see what I can send to whom.
  3. I want to thank my elf that sent me my second ROAK form the Holiday Wish List. She sent me a load of flavored coffees! Chocolate Pepermint, blueberry cobler vanilla almond something just to name three, coffee mate in the flavor itialian cream a crocheted ornament ( to bad it came to late would've loved to hang it on my tree) and reeses pieces. I'm enjoying one cup of flavored coffee a day so that I can savor it longer. Thank you so very very much for thinking of me.
  4. I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to my ROAK elf that sent me the package. If I had a cam i'd post a picture. I loved it She sent me a bag and a box of reises pieces, 2 big flavored coffee mates, 4 skins of Red Heart yarn in wonderful colors, mice for my three boys, and a beautiful self made stich marker in a card. A towel for my kitchen with self crocheted trimming and a self crocheted thingy that I have no idea what it's used for in wonderful colors. I think it's for plastik bags? This ROAK made my Christmas!! Thank you so very very much!!
  5. Oh I love this time of year. It'll be second time ROAKing. Anything used or recycled is more than fine by me. And please consider I live in germany. I have no idea how high postage is to send things here. I love coffee so I would like to wish for flavored coffee or coffee mate. Macadamia nut white chocloate was my fav. But I can't get it here. Crocheting and Knitting pattern books Magazines. Christmas decorations made by you. I love self made ones. some Red Hearts yarn. Maybe if anyone has some in thier stash they won't use anymore? I would love a crochet a day or knite a day calander. It can be one from year(s) past. I just would love to do a few patterns from it. reeses peanutbutter cups. Another thing I really love and can't get here. I have 3 cats all boys, a surprise for them would be sweet. surprise me. I love surprises. :fruitcake Christmas cards to hang up on my wall. Ok I thought of one more thing. I'm still losing weight. So if anyone has any low fat low calorie recipies they would love to share I'd love it. Happy ROAKing everyone. And may you all have a happy holiday season.
  6. Oh I am so joining this one. I love sending gifts and surprises off to people. It makes my christmas! I can hardly wait!
  7. What a pretty bag! I'm exceited to see next month's theam.
  8. What a pretty bookmarkt. I'll have to make myself a fw of these.
  9. I wanted to thank my ROAK angel for sending me some great things. She sent me note cards, a fridge magnet three new US hooks and 2 US crochet magazines. A post card and a letter! I'll write her back ASAP. And hopefully that will turn into a great pen pal freindship.
  10. That is such a pretty bag! Wish the plastic bags here is germany where pretty enough to be worth buying them to use as plarn.
  11. The little Angel is so cute! I'll be making a few for my mom that collects angels. I'm sure she'll love them.
  12. Your necklace would be perfect to attach my MP3 player onto. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi everyone! I recieved a wonderful fat envolope yesterday in the mail. At the end of a very bleak week I have recieved some wonderful surprises. Thank you Fairy Godmother! In my envolope there was soem very beautiful postcards from coffeeville Kansas, a keyring, and a change purse, 8 crome color crochet hooks in various sizes,and a skien of red heart super saver in Bon Bon Multi Print. I reveled in all of my new goodies. you really made my week! Thanky you thank you thank you!!!!
  14. Up until now I do not have kids. They're still wishful hoping. But my girlfreinds all have kids and they all asked me to make thier babies toys. I've made some beautiful crocheted animals for them. All in either baby yarn or 100% cotton. What ever the mom to be considered better. Since all animals have no buttons etc, and are filled with anti allergict filling the animals are all a big hit. Washing maschine safe etc. They are sure to be good freinds for the babies way into thier toddler years.
  15. WOW Love all your afghans.
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