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  1. RoseRed, First, what a wonderful pattern you came up with! You should be very proud - look at how many people have benefited from it! :clap When I clicked on Clearwater's "Beige on Beige" (4th from the bottom on the first page where it has all the finished flannelghan's listed), it took me to Page 32. Shouldn't it have taken me here instead? I was looking over everyones color schemes and that one didn't show up correctly, so I thought it might be good to point it out. I love that color scheme, btw! Beautiful work everyone!!! I am so inspired! I really need to make some afg
  2. By George, I think I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL!) Thanks a lot for the help champygirl! For some reason I just wasn't comprehending what I was supposed to do, but now that I've done it, it's like "duh", ha ha. I'll post a picture as soon as I finish the second one, so everyone can see the color schemes I'm using.
  3. I really love this pattern!!! I have three dgd's who will love this and I'm making them color coordinated with the little dolls I found at WalMart for $1 each. I do have a problem though... I am very confused about how to do the straps. I have the two straps made, but I don't understand how to weave them in to get them how they are supposed to be. Besides how to weave them in, I am also stuck on how I would sl st the ends together if I've already finished them off, as the pattern says. Maybe I'm making this all harder than it is. Can anyone help? Or maybe someone has a pic
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