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Yayyyyyyy I finally got all my vases and bowls felted!!!


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Well I finally got the first vases and bowls felted:clap. I used the Red Heart Rag Doll (w/o the frilly stuff ) it was alot like crocheting with roving. Anyway, they shrunk more than I had calculated, so they are smaller than I had wanted, but they turned out really great. I just made them whatever size I thought I'd like. Now I have something to guage my unfinished sizes, and I will definately make them alittle larger. I wish I had taken the unfinished dimensions, but I forgot until just now....:eek OH WELL.... maybe I will remember next time! :hook


I have them in the drier now on the drying rack, so it wont be long now. I formed them and shaped them up so they should come out just fine. They are very fuzzy, so I think I may shave them to see more of the color defination.


I'll post pics sometime soon..... I'll try to remember to do the unshaved and shaved version in my pics. My little Pitcher turned out adorable... I am so proud of that one, I think I will make one in my mom's colors for her ... as she collects little cups, saucers and pitchers.


Boy does it feel good to have them done now!:yes:yay

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