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bead graph?


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I have a design stuck in my head for a pattern I have already created. My problem is I don't know how to make a chart when you are crocheting with beads. I have looked on the net but nothing I have came across really help. Is it the same way a a graph without beads? Thanks in advance for your help.

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yes, graphs are graphs, same graph ,,but where you want to put your beads use a colored marker to make a dot where you want the beads.


If the bead goes where the square is then make the dot in the square. But if the bead goes in between the squares put the dot on the line.

Markers comes in many colors now and you could use color of marker as bead.


If its other type of charts same thing. Put your dot where you would like the bead be at in your pattern on your chart.


You could also make notes if not doing graphs.

Hope that helps you.

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