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pearl & jewel of crochet designers cal

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Hello ladeis




i was going to start making some accessories for my self and sisters in law so i thought of making a cal to have some parteners in this project

these are photos of my last trial but badelly it`s not clear







you can make for your self , sister, or daughter or maybe a christmas prisint if you made a set of neckless , earings , bracelets, and ring ;)

so pleaaaaaaaaaase be with me and start it with me pleaaaaaaaase :manyheart:yay




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hello wendy

it`s crochet flowers some chains with big beads ribbond and metalic chains so it looks that way

we can do completly crochet accessoreis :)

mmmmmm... there is not a sertain pattern i learnt the flowers from my crochet teacher (i had classes) and the idea of combining them to creat a complete project was from my creations

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