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Peppermint CD Hotpad & Coaster Set

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I had some left over red & white cotton yarn from Valentines so decided to put it to use.


Click for patterns:


Peppermint CD Hotpad



Peppermint Coasters (Large)




**Pattens Copyright 2007 Miss_Kitty1965**

you are free to copy or distribute these patterns.

Please leve copyright intact

You may sell created items but not the pattern itself!

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Hi! I think the no-slip backing is a cool idea, I'll have to try these!


I bought a pack with 6 4" circles in it from dollartree for $1 labeled jar gripper openers. I needed one to use for that purpose that left me with 5 more just sitting there.


then when i got aggrevated from playing hunt the coaster with my cats every morning a light bulb went off :cheer

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