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    Logistics co-ordinator at a grain cleaning and shipping company
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    afghans, sweaters for my daughter
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    Since I was seven, uuuhh that's about {yikes!!} 19 years!!!
  1. Super cute, Darski! I love the colours. Thank you so much!
  2. I've got some duffle bags and boxes downstairs in the spare room, and also a mid-sized rubbermaid tote filled to overflowing in my bedroom closet. Then there's always the two or three projects I've got on the go that stay beside my chair in the living room. I've been trying to keep most of my stash out of sight - my husband would never say anything to me about it but I feel guilty about keeping so much around. Only some of it is earmarked for projects, the rest was on sale and I couldn't resist a deal. I am working on getting a better storage system going, as I am going to have to clean out the spare room soon, to make room for our growing family.
  3. I've been wanting to learn how to knit, but have not been successful yet. It seems so awkward and backwards. Lately though, I'm considering trying again and am thinking of using two of my long double-ended crochet hooks!! For some reason things make more sense when there are hooks involved in the process! Call me crazy (and I'll just laugh softly to myself).
  4. Wow! That's the best issue I've seen from them in a while.
  5. That's really pretty - and how can you go wrong for a buck?!?!
  6. I'm finding that I have to tke it slow, and don't overload with information. Only tell them what is necessary, if they need to know more they will ask.
  7. LOL, so cute! I've been waiting for years for her to take an interest (I didn't want to push her) so I was pretty excited when she asked. I was seven when my mom taught me. I hope you get the chance to teach yours, too.
  8. I'm not trying to push anyone, but have any of the squares been joined yet? I haven't read though all of these posts so if there are any pics could someone direct me to them? Thanks!
  9. Hi Kaylana, Go to this thread, post #37. Momw/a Motif poted pics of a couple of her bears from this pattern.
  10. That's so neat, I like this idea too. I think it would be cool to see where they get to. I've often thought of doing the guerilla crochet thing where you wrap a bit of crocheted something around a random fixed object in the community but I don't know how well it would fly here - I live in a town of about 700 people, I'd probably just get all the old folks grumbling about it, lol. Plus I think there are a lot of people who could guess that it was me!:hook I think it's a good idea to leave a note with them.
  11. Hey all, I'm just bragging here, but I have no one around who'd understand and I know you will. A few months ago my 7yo dd asked me to teach her to crochet, so I we attempted it and the going was a little tough. She had kind of given up until last night when I dug out the first blanket I ever crocheted (six trapezoids, I mean squares sewn together for my stuffed animals) so we could both giggle over it. She's a perfectionist and was frustrated last time that her stitches weren't as nice as mine, so it was nice to be able to show her that I used to be not so great at it either. Last night she asked me where her yarn was (I gave her a bright varigieted ball of RH Soft Touch), and not only did she remember the chain and single crochet stitches, her stitches are so much more even and clean than the last time we tried! I made a big deal out of it and you could tell she was really proud. It might stick yet! Then the problem will be funding two yarn stashes!:yay:yay:hook
  12. Aww, that's so sweet. I hope you are able to open it soon, I'm sure that she left it to you in the hopes of inspiring happy memories, not to make you sad! :crocheting:hug
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