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Crocheters in Maryland? (Central/Greater Bal)

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I am a frustrated thread arts person looking to find similar souls who also like to learn and practice with yarn and thread. Although there is a group south of me in Columbia MD on "Meetup" it's a 50 minute drive. Meetup seems to think that our geographical area is a real cinch to get around. (Roll eyes...) For "areas close to you" it puts in northern Virginia--almost a 2 hour drive!!


Anyway, I'm in Carroll County, MD --wondering who might be a crochet/knit buddy. (I'll stick with the general them of this board. ) ;)

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Hi Sue,

I am a newbie to Crochetville and crocheting. I saw this post and wondered if you have been able to start a club in or around your area. I am in Reisterstown and would love to meet with a group of like minded crocheters.


Bubby Bonnie

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