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  1. Hi, I am a frustrated thread arts person looking to find similar souls who also like to learn and practice with yarn and thread. Although there is a group south of me in Columbia MD on "Meetup" it's a 50 minute drive. Meetup seems to think that our geographical area is a real cinch to get around. (Roll eyes...) For "areas close to you" it puts in northern Virginia--almost a 2 hour drive!! Anyway, I'm in Carroll County, MD --wondering who might be a crochet/knit buddy. (I'll stick with the general them of this board. )
  2. Hi, Not sure if you are still on here, but I'm in Westminster too. :-)
  3. Hi, I was following a link and came to this forum. I have done a little bit of crochet years ago (made a doily--haha). I've got a number of patterns for table cloths and clothing that I've never made because I'm afraid to start--it's been so long. I am hoping that I will both find inspiration here and that anyone who is in Maryland (especially in Carroll County where I live) will speak up. I know that I (and other people I've talked to) would like to "Meetup" for some crochet learnin' sessions and just to socialize. Sue
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