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I started dyeing cotton thread (size 3) during the summer when I couldn't find a very big variety of colors in that size. The first dyes I used came in a tie dye kit & worked very well.


I have also use Dylon Permanant Fabric dye with good results. Tried Rit once, the color faded every time the item was washed. Hope this helps.


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Rit dye does dye cotton but I wouldn't recommend it both for quality and price. Rit is an all purpose dye so it's a combination of dyes that dye protein fibers (wool) and cellulose fibers (cotton) So there is a lot of dye waste since only the cellulose dye stuff dyes the cotton and the rest just washes away.


Additionally Rit is not colorfast and do not give very brilliant colors. You can get a fixer to prevent the color waste. You can read more info here about all purpose dyes here.


Procion dyes as mentioned before would be better because they actually bind with the fiber and are color fast. You can get an amazing color range too.

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