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  1. oh wow thats quite a bit different from what I did, but wow they look so close.
  2. My friend choose the colors since we dont know what the baby's sex is yet. they had thier US yesterday but the baby would not cooperate. she does not live in town anymore, so she is going to pick it up when she comes home next month.
  3. well i had to frog a bit, because I did not use a pattern, but once I got it figured out it went ok. there are probably some patterns at cpc if you search there. I just never looked. I was roughly going off an old doily from mt great gma
  4. afghan is done! wooo hooo. going back to school has really cut into crafting time. (pic was taken before blocking)
  5. Thanks. lol I was just happy when the leaves started growing back on Mr. Lincoln. after buyiong me a few more rose bushes (replacements lol) the other day he better think twice when trimming the lawn again
  6. he never hears the end of it. lol I was so upset when I first saw what he had done. lol and he STILL hears hes lucky Mr. Lincon lived
  7. I made this crochet hook from my Mr. Lincoln (http://www.michiganbulb.com/product.asp?pn=13411)rose bush that we though dh might have killed with the weedwacker. The bush is so beautiful when the flowers bloom, and so beautiful as a hook.
  8. She just emailed me to tell me she forwarded the pic to her mom and her mom is loving it too. I cant wait to finish it either...just wish I had more time to work on it. But then again the baby wont be here til November lol lol
  9. so far so good, frogged a bit of it but thats just artist (anal)design lol lol
  10. oh forget to add... here is the original post http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=42578
  11. here is the start of it. I decided not to do a written pattern, rather its a larger version of my great gma doily but with a twist
  12. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy we finally decided on which kind. She wants this one http://www.maurelfarms.com/roundafghan.htm in pastels. OK NOW QUESTION 2. she insists on paying me. What do you charge very very good friends for baby afghans. She is going to gift it to her Brother, when she is home next
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