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pattern for chunky yarn?



i am desperately trying to destash - i have 6 skeins of LB USA chunky in pink - i am wanting to make my daughter a cape with a hood --- think Little Red Riding Hood....

any ideas???

i'm goin :loco with all my searching!





oooops, i put this under the wrong thread:oops there i go again:o



what do you all think of this?

baby poncho with hood

if i use a larger hook.... and of course the yarn is bigger... hmmmmmmm:thinking2

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Hi Rebecca

I made a poncho for my 2 year old grandson with a hood . I used this pattern http://web.archive.org/web/20001019030433/http://www.cei.net/~vchisam/groovy/7809.html ,

but started with a chain of 32 I think it was , and with an H hook . I don't know what size poncho you need for your little girl , but it'd be easy enough to take a guess at -- just make the beginning chain a number that can be divided by 4, and large enough to slip easily on and off her head . Then go ahead with the pattern as they tell you, by doing the ch 3's on the 2 sides and ch 5's every other row on front and back. Just do this til it's the length you want it . Then I just did dc around the top neck edging ( not the split down the front too ) , and made several rows of the dc-- no increases or decreases til it was long enough to be a loose hood ( not tight when sewn together at the top .

To make it extra cute, you can buy ribbon or something to lace up the front, and string beads onto the ends for decorations. Not sure how old your girl is, you wouldn't want the beads for a small child . I didn't put them on my grandsons .( I guess boys wouldnt want the beads anyhow ! )

I hope this helps -- it's hard to explain to someone without showing them .

Holler if you have any questions !


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okay, what i think i'm going to do is make the child's cape and put the hood from the hooded poncho on it.:fc

here's the thing, the pattern uses an E with ww.... what if i followed the directions for the size 4 and use ummm. an I with the chunky yarn? think that would come out to a 6/6X?

maybe i should follow the sz 2????

maybe i'll just wing it.....:sweat

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let me know how it comes out cause I've been trying to design a pattern just like what you're describing but have not had much luck with the shoulder shaping. I'd love to make my 6x girl an ankle-length one with the openings for her hands and a pretty fun fur muff to match!!! :bounce I can picture it now!!



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