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shawl stitching help



So I'm making a shawl for my mother and need some guidance.


I'm not looking so much for a shawl pattern, persay, but a good and easy stitch for a non-pattern person to use repeatedly to make a shawl. I've looked at a lot of random stitches and even made up one entirely for the shawl I'm making my grandmother, but wanted something that's better for a thinner yarn.


I have a few skeins of black TLC Amore and some teal Patons Allure for trim (or stripes?)...


Anyone have any suggestions?


(Edit: I'm planning on a triangular shawl if that makes a difference)

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How about this one? Wrap Around Shawl


I made it out of the Amore for my mom, you can see a picture of it here at my blog.


All it is, really, is a repeat of 3 dc ch 2, in a triangular shape. It's my favorite shawl pattern of all, because it is a no-brainer and you don't have to think while you do it. :)h

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