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  1. what a fantastic idea! and it looks GREAT... awesome choice of colors, very season appropriate. :-)
  2. have you tried EBay?
  3. I love poking y'alls creative brains... So I went to my first LYS last weekend, and I bought FIVE skeins of this: It's a 33% wool, 33% mohair, 34% acrylic super-soft very bright wonderful squishy huggable yarn! :-D It's only 61 yards a skein, but since it's a super-bulky, I was hoping to stretch it into making a shawl or a poncho or something. This is the first time I'll really be making something for myself that wasn't like a "test item" for a gift I was making for someone else. Any pattern recommendations? I'm also good at free-forming (better than I am at patterns, anyway) if you have basic ideas for something or just a really cool stitch I could use. I wanna show off how fabulous this yarn is and have something comfy to cuddle into. Thanks!
  4. www.lionbrand.com/patterns/chs-cape.html I'm making one of these for my gramma...
  5. serendipity.gpvm.com/basics.html hischild64.tripod.com/thumbnail.htm www.crochetcabana.com/spe...nisian.htm stitchguide.com/stitches/...titch.html and the curling happens all the time...
  6. I've been so lost for a new, happy project... this is PERFECT. Oh my god, it's so beautiful in the yarns you chose... Thank you for sharing!!
  7. aadttsm


    Easy Solid Shawl: www.thesmartyarns.com/pat...hawls.html
  8. Ribbon is so shiny and pretty: I would stitch it with a big hook so you can really see it too... a striped-ribbon scarf, or a stole (with matching mini-handbag) would be really cool!
  9. Ignore the undressing. ;-) I was performing at the Rocky Horror Picture Show as Trixie. I swear I'm not a stripper. ;-) I'm probably just gonna dye more black over the ends, though.. when I washed it, the black just kind of bled into the kind-of-pink and made it look weird. The streaks at the front are the fun part. As for the yarn, no decision has been made yet as I got sidetracked on an old knitting project, but I will DEFINITELY inform y'all when I start working on something... someone also suggested legwarmers to me, so we'll see. :-)
  10. Rachel: it's black with a cranberry-red/pink stripe in the bangs and pink ends... ;-) Much easier to keep a few parts pink than my whole head. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. i really love that shawl and have always wanted to try it, maybe it's time for me to stop wussing on it.. ;-) feel free to keep suggesting; i have a crapload of this yarn!
  11. So... I keep inheriting yarn. I haven't even gotten the two garbage bags full that my grandma is sending me... haha. This stuff is from my aunt in Florida. I LOVE the colors, they're totally brite and fun! (considering that my hair was hot pink two days ago.. ;-) ). I have A TON of it. There's 11 skeins of the blue, and 4 each of the pink, black, and teal. 123 yards a piece, called "Saucy Sport", so I'm guessing it's sport weight, and it's 100% mercerized cotton. I've a) never worked with sport weight before, or 100% cotton, so I'm excited about the opportunity, and b) never made anything really big before.. and now with the post-christmas slow-down, I wouldn't mind doing a slew of matching things or one big item.. I know cotton isn't stretchy, so it's not ideal for hats. I was thinking a blanket or something maybe, but I don't know how heavy the cotton will be...? Does anyone have any suggestions? any good patterns for this size of yarn, and advice for working with cotton?
  12. aadttsm

    earflap hat

    Oh, I am madam freeform, I could probably figure it out.. ;-) I just figured I'd ask first.. thanks!
  13. aadttsm

    earflap hat

    Hey, I'm looking for bulky-weight-yarn patterns for warm winter hats, particularly earflap hats. Most of the patterns I've found are for worsted-weight yarn.. I'm talking Bulky or Super Bulky yarn instead, and not really open-pattern hats... Thanks!
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