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Flower motifs using WW yarn (Granny Skull Hat)



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Well I can't speak for the others but I spend most of my day at or near my 'puter. I crochet while I read and surf and check in here periodically all day long, till about now when it's time for dinner and spending time with hubby and brat boy :)

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Are you looking for anything in particular? A certain type of flower? Or just something that strikes you?


Here's a few links to get you started though...






This one doesn't have a pic so I'm not positive what it looks like, haven't made it yet...






This one I made and liked but I don't have a pic (sorry!)






I'll keep looking for others too :)



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Ah--no pic this time. The hat has already been sold. It was a special request. I'll be making more though, only took an hour to do (not including all this darn time looking for a flower pattern). By the way, the "M" hook I used to do the skull cap was a Crystallites one, which run different than the boye or others.

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Hi Rebecca-


Didn't find quite what I wanted. I guess I had something in mind like a pansy, but ended up making something that looked good, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with it. The woman I made it for loved it, but still I would like to find a better flower.



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I didn't start this thread asking for flower patterns but I am sure glad I found it. :) Saves me the time of looking for them myself.


Plan to put the flowers on pins that can be used on hats, purses, shawls...:sheepjump




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