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Beads and Fun Fur around baby socks


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Someone sent me these directions for trimming knit gloves. I suppose you could use the same principle to trim socks.


1 pair commercially-knit gloves

1 ball eyelash-yarn (similar to Fun Fur)

Small amount sport-weight yarn to match glove

Size D and H hooks


With size D hook and sport-weight, poke crochet hook through top edge of glove cuff approx. 1/4" from edge, and single crochet evenly around cuff. Join and fasten off sport-weight. Change to size H hook and join eyelash yarn. Sc in each sc around, join with slip stitch. Ch 1, sc around, join with slip stitch. Rep last round for 2-1/2" or desired length. Fasten off, weave in ends. Fold cuff over top of glove.

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