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2024 Afghans for NICU babies for Christmas

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17 years ago, Oakland Children's Hospital saved my son's life when he was born.  While they were saving him, the staff took such good care of my husband and I.  The kindness of strangers made an unbearable situation bearable.  My son was born in November and we thought he would still be in the hospital at Christmas... that thought was painful.  My son is now healthy and thrives.  He will graduate high school with his AA this year and start college in the fall. 

As a way to pay an emotional debt that I can never repay, I deliver crocheted baby afghans at Christmas time to the hospital for the babies that are there.  Over covid, the hospital stopped accepting handmade donations.  They have now started receiving them again, so I am coming to all of you to ask for help.  

The hospital NICU cares for approximately 400 babies per year.  The hospital cares for children up to the age of 18.  If you feel compelled to make a blanket for a NICU baby (or an older child), I can take it to the hospital.  I can receive the blanket at any time from you as I have multiple storage tubs that I keep everything in.  

I also have a facebook group if you prefer to reach out there:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887


Thank you for thinking of the babies!

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So good to see you back doing the NICU afghans again! I wondered if you were still around. I have been doing blankets, hats and loveys for my local hospital nursery.  Would you accept loveys like these? I could make them a bit bigger but normally they are about 17-20" wide.



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