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  • Birthday 03/04/1987

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    crochet, reading, sewing, mixed media painting, and paper crafts
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    granny squares and granny square afghans, hats, and love to crochet for charity
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    since 1999

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  1. Thank you both for the . Happy Crocheting and God Bless
  2. Thank you for the welcome and refresher!! OK so I'm in!! Happy Crocheting and God Bless
  3. Hey y'all!! I'm back. You might remember me I was krazycrocheter. Now I'm ambiekraftsreads. I thought I'd come back and see what's up here. So what have I been up to while away? Well I found my way to Revelry and created a group Faith-Love-Crafts. I also started a YouTube channel ambie kraftsreads. I'd love it if you'd stop by and show my channel some love. Happy Crocheting and God Bless
  4. Hello!! I used to be on here as krazycrocheter/Amber. Now I am ambiekraftsreads aka ambie. I would like to join this challenge. I would just like someone to explain it to me. I know you start with 0, but do you add or subtract when you use up a skein of yarn? Same with acquiring yarn? Happy Crocheting and God Bless
  5. Thanks for the welcome!! Happy Crafting and God Bless ????
  6. Thanks for the welcome y'all!! Happy Crafting and God Bless
  7. Sorry you had to be in the hospital and have surgery!! Glad your feeling better now!! Hope you continue feeling well!! You got a great score considering!! Happy Crafting and God Bless ????
  8. Thanks for the welcome!! Glad to be back here!!
  9. Glad to be here!! I used to be a part of this. My name was krazycrocheter. WTD:0 YTD:0
  10. Thanks for the welcome!! Have fun playing with all your yarn!!
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