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Sunburst help:)



Hello!! My name is Holly and I am having a bit of an issue. I made a sunburst granny for the first time and it turned out amazing. When making a few more, I have an issue that I have no idea how to fix. I did it the exact same and I am still having issues and hoping I can get some help!! I have pictures that I have linked. 
on the second square on the light blue has an issue, and you will see what I mean. How can I fix? 
thank you in advance!!!


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Hi Holly!  Welcome to the 'ville!

So, I assume you mean the one on the right, and the second round (which looks white on my monitor, but a different shade than the outer white round). 

Rip completely out from the last stitch of round 1 and re make it (sorry,  I know you didn't want to hear that).  You erred on the stitch count of the first round, compared to the square on the left, which messed everything else up on that square.  When you re-make it, carefully count each round before starting the next.  (voice of experience, I've been crocheting for decades and do an awful lot of double-check counting as I'd rather fix an error sooner than later).


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