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HELP with treble!



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Hi, welcome to the 'ville!

When you do 3(any stitch) together you do this (I'll describe a treble, but this works the same for SC, DC, and so on: 

Make a treble in the first of the 3 stitches, except the last yarn over and pull-thru - you will have 2 loops on the hook.

Do the same in the second of the 3, you will have 3 loops on your hook.

Do the same for the last of the 3, you will now have 4 loops on your hook - yarn over and pull thru all 4 loops.

When you do a cluster (similar, except multiple stitch into 1 instead of spread out over more than 1 stitch, or a 'together' like this, you always end up with 1 more loop on your hook than stitches, before the final yarn over - just in case you get distracted and forget where you were (as I sometimes do when watching TV), or think you should have the same number of loops, it's a handy thing to remember.

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