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  1. hello! i'm planning on going to a convention in july and would like to crochet a this fish hat. problem is, i don't know what 'type' it is or what to search for to find a similar pattern. would any of y'all happen to know what this style of hat is called, or know of a similar-looking pattern? (fin on the back can be added after :•))
  2. Hi! My pattern tells me to "Ch 4, 3dctog over the 3 tr, ch 1, 1 dc in the ch sp at the beginning of the work, turn." My question is, what do they mean with dctog OVER the tr?
  3. I have a new guest design on my blog - The Alite doily, designed by Tayu Purnamasari, is beginner friendly and works up really quickly. Tayu is also planning on hosting a CAL for this doily on her Instagram account. The CAL will run from Nov 5th to Nov 10th and she plans on sharing a video for it as well so you will have a lot of support and company while you make yours
  4. Hello crochetville! I stumbled across this forum randomly and I’m glad I did! This looks like such a fun little (well, more like big, there are so many people here!) community!! I just had to join in on the fun (<- that’s adorable) I’m a beginner crocheter but I’m having so much fun. I’ve made a few big projects (mostly big cause I really like the big fluffy yarns) and I’m quite proud of the results given my skill level! Crochet patterns intimidate me a little and I don’t know how to read them, haha! (´ ▿`;) I’ll probably take the time to learn how to eventually but winging patterns is just as fun! I’m not the best a keeping up with social media but this is definitely one I want to frequent! (^▿^)
  5. Howdy folks! newbie here who has mostly done blankets and toques. looking for garment yarn (adult and toddler sweaters mostly) recommendations. Nice drape, something soft and not scratchy and machine washable. And, easily available in Canada:) Either online or in store. Like Michaels or yarncanada. Some of the reading I’ve been doing, plenty are suggesting a 3 yarn. I appreciate any insight from you knowledgeable crocheters!
  6. Hi all, i am making an amigurumi monster toy and I have hit a snag. The pattern is working in the round, and is written in UK terminology. the round that has thrown me says- Round 10: 1dc in 5 sts, 1htr in [5] I understand that’s 1 double crochet in the next 5 stitches and then a half treble.. but the stitch count doesn’t add up? And this also doesn’t take me to the end of the round. And what does the “in” mean. I thought perhaps “increase” but that doesn’t fit here. also- Round 12: 1dc in 6 sts, 1htr in [5] and Round 14: 1dc in 6 sts, 1htr in [6] same issue. Any help would be reeeally appreciated!!!
  7. This beautiful shawl designed by Andrea Cretu is beginner friendly and works up really quickly since it is made with Aran weight yarn. The shell border is beautiful and since it is made with treble stitches mostly, it has a lovely drape too! Free pattern here - https://knitterknotter.com/easy-crochet-shawl-pattern-dove-wings-by-andrea-cretu/
  8. I'm trying to make a cthulu plush for a family member but can't find any patterns that would work for this. The wings need to be fairly large, the doll is 12 inches and the wingspan of 22 inches from the tip of one wing to the other. Problem is every pattern i have found in the last few days has wire going through to strength and the patterns seem very dependent on making a tube for it, what I'm trying to make can not have any wire. The recipient of the toy will not care that the wings droop but will likely sleep with it as they are 4 years old. Even getting pointed in the right direction for the wings would be a great help.
  9. I'm a beginner crocheter and this is the first pattern I've created. I wanted to try a doily but I could find a pattern to match the size yarn and hook I wanted to use so i decided to try my own. I used 2 skeins of embroidery thread and it has a wpi of 12/13 and a size F hook. I believe though that as long as you use the same number of stitches per round, then it should work with any weight of yarn and hook. I plan to try it again with worsted weight yarn and a 5mm, 5.5mm or 6.5mm hook. Sunday afternoon doily or coaster Written in US terminology Stitches used: Single Crochet (sc), Chain (ch), *Treble Crochet (tc), Slip Stitch (sl st), V-stitch shell (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) *if you experience cupping substitute Double Crochet (dc) for tc Materials: Yarn or thread with a 12 wpi (2 fine yarn, 3 light, 4 medium) F-5/3.75mm hook Size: between 5.5 inches and 6 inches depending on yarn or thread used and dc substitution Pattern: Create a magic circle R1: ch 1, 9 sc in magic circle, join to the first sc with a sl st. <9> R2: 2sc in each st, join to the first sc with a sl st. <18> R3: sl st into 1 st of prev round, ch 4 (counts as first st), 1 tc in same st, *1 tc in next st, 2 tc in next st, repeat from * all around ending with 1 tc, join to first tc (chain) with a sl st. <27> R4: ch 1, 1 sc in same stitch, *ch 6, sk 2, 1 sc in next stitch, repeat from * all around ending with ch 6, join to first sc with a sl st <9 ch-6 sp> R5: sl st to 3rd st in ch-6 sp, ch 1, sc into same st, *ch 5, sc into 3rd st in next ch-6 sp, repeat from * all around ending with ch 5, join to first sc with a sl st <54> (NOTE: substitute ch 6 for ch 5 if you experience cupping but do not add an extra tc in the next round) R6: ch 4 (counts as first st), 1 tc into same st, *5 tc in ch-5 sp, 2 tc into sc, repeat from * all around ending with 5 tc in ch-5 sp, joint to first tc (chain) with a sl st <63> *R7: ch 2 (counts as first st), v-stitch shell in same st, *sk 2, v-stitch shell in next st, repeat from * all around ending with v-stitch shell, sk 2, sl st into 1st stitch of prev round, fasten off <21 v-st shells> * I seem to have unintentionally done one dc in place of a v-st shell in 1 st, I counted this in the 21 but if you have issues with it let me know and if you have any suggestions or corrections, let me know, because I'm only a beginner and I'm not sure if I might have done anything wrong.
  10. I need help with a classic string bag. The pattern says “ch244. Row 1: sl st in 8th chain from the hook” what exactly does the 8th chain from the hook mean?
  11. Hello, I am a beginner crocheter and I would like to learn how to make my own patterns in Amigurumi. I’m interested in selling my work for others to enjoy. I want to make my own patterns in order to do so. While there ARE patterns that can be redistributed, I feel bad in making profit off other peoples patterns. So any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  12. Are you ready to start working on some spring patterns? You can make it with any yarn and stitch combination and all you need to make is a rectangle! https://knitterknotter.com/origami-friendship-bag/
  13. Hello, I am sort of new at this (crocheting) learned it some 20+ years ago and now I am finally picking up a hook. I would like to do some sort of pattern for a toddler blanket but I have no clue what I am really doing. My only major project I have done is a heavy blanket for my sister I can do straight up rows but I want to learn corner to corner and the braided half double stitch. . I really need to be taught how to do these - Hopefully I can find a mentor/friend/instructor to help me understand these stitches. Also want to make some friends too.
  14. Hi! I started crocheting just under a week ago, I can make squares using a double crochet (UK) but really want to make granny squares. I've tried following a few different tutorials and mine ends up circular instead of a square, and those gaps it's meant to have aren't prominent enough so it just looks like a weird circle. I'm pretty sure I've followed the tutorial right and can't think of what I'm doing wrong, I don't know enough about it to be able to think of what the issue could be. Also I'm left handed if that makes any difference to anyones advice (the tutorials I watched were for left handed also so that's not the issue) Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I started teaching myself crochet back in April. I've really enjoyed making wearables and decorations. I find it relaxing, meditative to sit quietly and work on a project. I don't have any friends who practice crochet. Hoping to learn from and talk with others who share the interest. I am really proud of a mosaic cardigan/sweater I finished a few weeks ago. I didn't use a full pattern but picked designs I liked from other pieces to make it. Would have adjusted how it sits on my shoulders. I like the overall slouchy loose fit. Very cozy! What are your favorite resources in print or online to give you inspiration? Instagram Profile
  16. Currently making a basic sweater with double crochets making up most of the pattern. I have read so many contradicting articles that say the turning chain for a DC row should either be 2 or 3 chains. I do not know which number of chains is best for my crocheting. Any tips? Thanks!
  17. I'm new to crochet and have only done very basic things so far! I've been making an amigurumi dinosaur and have got to a section that has got me so so confused! As part of the instructions for the head it says: Work only 35sc. Leave the last 7 stitches unworked. Move stitch marker to last stitch in this row. This will be the new beginning of each row. Can anyone help please? 😩 Thanks!
  18. Im currently in the process of crocheting a dress that is made in one piece. Ive already finished crocheting the top of the bodice and the two sleeves. The next part of the pattern is crocheting the neck border. The instructions say: "With right side of back facing, skip on last rnd of bodice after right sleeve next 14 dc. Attach yarn to next dc." I've interpreted that as looking at my piece with the back facing me (so right sleeve on my right, left sleeve on my left), working on the back piece, and counting from the right sleeve 14 dc's towards the middle then crocheting towards the left sleeve. I've tried a couple of times doing this method, but it doesnt seem right when i read the rest of the instructions. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  19. following this video: At 9:09 in the video she ties it off and cuts the yarn but then still has her yarn to continue working so I don't know what she cut, watching it it looks like she somehow suddenly has 2 pieces of yarn and I don't understand :I if anyone can help explain what happens in those few seconds i would greatly appreciate it!!! Thank you
  20. I am new to crochet and I found this adorable llama that I've been working on for a few days now, I'm at a road block and I need help. The round I'm on says this, "Ch 14, sc in the 2nd ch from hook and in next 12 ch, sc in next 18 sc, sc in the next 12 sc - 44 sc" I have no clue what to do after the sc in the 12 chains that I made, where does the 18 sc come from? Does anyone understand this? Please help 😥
  21. So, I’m what I’d call an “advanced beginning” with a lot of tenacity... I’ve been trying to make a beanie from a pattern which calls for a Celtic weave stitch. Ive watched some YouTube tutorials and I THOUGHT I understood how it works but I keep ending up with a bit of a mess. Im mostly struggling with the back post portion of the stitch which starts on row 3. (No real issues with row 2 front post). I don’t know if my tension is an issue but the project just doesn’t lie very flat as soon as I’ve completed row 3. I’m also struggling to know where to enter for the back post stitch for stitches 1 & 2. Do I move the 3 & 4 stitches out of the way to the left or right? I’ve just started with a sample piece to figure it out before I do the beanie. Sorry if I’ve not explained this very well, just hoping that someone out there is well-practiced in this stitch and can give me some pointers or advice for avoiding certain common mistakes? I’m desperate to get it - I hate the idea of just abandoning it! thanks in advance!
  22. So I’m pretty new to crochet and I’m attempting to make a blanket for my grandma. I’ve fallen in love with this specific pattern, the only issue is the instructions for the granny squares are pretty vague and hard for me to comprehend. Can anyone give me a hand? I’ve pretty much only gotten so far as a slip stitch on my hook... https://www.michaels.com/caron-simply-soft-on-the-plus-side-afghan-crochet/B_47481.html?productsource=projects
  23. Me again! Everyone was so helpful when I was making my bunny that I am back here again to ask for your help :-) im about to start a simple blanket, but the pattern will make a 2.4m x .8m blanket. I’d like it to be square. my question is, as it’s done in single crochet, with a chain of 50 and has just short of 100rows, is it as simple as doubling my chain length to 100 to make the chain length similar to the amount of rows? And if so, do I use double the yarn yardage or only 50% more? Thankyou in advance :-)
  24. Hi, me again! After people were so helpful yesterday on my increased I thought I’d ask about decreases today. pattern reads: *dec, 3dc, repeat from * to end (24sts) so I know I’m decreasing from 30stitches to 24, so a decrease of 6. However, I seem to be decreasing much more rapidly... I have read the pattern as: decrease to start, then 3 stitches, followed by another decrease. But this then decreases the round by 10 and not 6.... what am I doing wrong? Am I doing my actual decrease stitch wrong, or am I doing the decrease too soon? see picture for pattern, I’m on round 21, already completed 20 and despite doing it wrong I think I will leave it as is... thanks for any help guys! Visual is very useful for me :-)
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