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Coming Back Home


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Hello Crochetville!¬† Wow I missed it here.¬† I was on this website ages and ages ago. I was a completely different person back then.¬† I don't even remember what my username was!¬† ūüėĄ

But enough of that! I've become kind of bummed with the social media crochet community offerings, and realized I should have stayed here.

My name is Ever. (my pronouns are they/them/he) I live on the North Coast (Ohio) with my spouse and our fur child Storm Grayson.  I've been crocheting since around...hm...early 2000s I believe. Let's just say a long time.  I used to be vexed by granny squares and now I'm obsessed. They are my go to favorite thing to make. I also like to make shawls, scarves and the occasional stuffed cutie. I'm a participant in Comfort for Critters and the Angel Card Project (not yarn related).

I'm looking forward to sharing projects, seeing what everyone is up to and finding inspiration to expand my knowledge of one of the greatest crafts of all time. ūüß∂

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Welcome¬†back to¬†Crochetville¬†from¬†ÔĽŅthe¬†Gulf Coast of¬†Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to see old friends return.

I go to other sites, but I always return here.  It may be quite at times, but it is a good source and even if we do complain about getting old, we can be fun.

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