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Pound of Love


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 I have been gifted Pound of Love, 4 skeins, and I have never worked with it.  It seems very thin for a J hook.  How do the blankets work up with this  size hook?  I am very tempted to go smaller but was just wondering about others experiences.  TIA

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Everybody's gauge is different, I think I used it once BUT I make slightly tight-ish stitches compared to most pattern gauges given, so it might work "better" for me than for you.  But "better" is subjective.

Per Lion Brand, an average gauge is 14 stitches per inch across 4" with a J hook, and per the US Industry standards, US 'medium' weight yarn should be 11-14 stitches across 4", and the range of hooks for medium wt. yarn is 5.5-6.5mm,  5.5mm is an I hook, 6.5 is a K, so J falls in the middle.

Since you already have the skeins in hand, the only way to know what hook yields the result that you like with your personal stitch gauge is to make a swatch, or 2, and see what hook makes a fabric you like with the stitch pattern you want to use.


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