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Summer Hobo


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Just trying to find simple things to make came across this bag that I've had in my someday project save patterns it came from crochet website Raverly where I am sure many of you have jumped over and saw a pattern or two...Airy Summer Hobo

There are a few modifications that I made just to accommodate what I was looking for

1--DC changed to HDC because I didn't want the big holes gaps...

2--longer strap just because I prefer if it's going to be a market type bag or throw something in it kind of bag I prefer to be over my shoulder versus carrying it by hand...

MY bag is about the same size as a grocery store bag... I currently already have one on the hook for a second bag for my daughter.... Because she currently takes grocery bags to work when she transports save bottles of water I thought that this may be a better option for her as well...



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Those are beautiful bags.  They would be great here for shopping.  We have to bring our own bags to stores here in Canada because they do not provide them.  These would be perfect because you can wash and re-use.

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