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Yarn Bee Cotton XXL

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Cute bunny.  Depending on how much you have left, maybe a hat or headband/ear warmer, or since it's cotton, a washcloth or potholder?  I don't use crocheted or knitted washcloths in the kitchen, but I like them for the shower.

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Thank you! Do you think it would be too heavy for a blanket? I have 2 skeins but could easily buy more. I am not super concerned about lot dies since its a natural color I wouldn't mind variation and its just something fun for my infant that wouldn't notice either way. 


I do like the idea of wash cloths! 

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Ah, I was thinking little things assuming you just wanted to use up a partial skein.

Wash cloths are a GREAT way to try out a stitch pattern that catches your eye, with less commitment than a blanket.  And make great little last minute gifts, get a bar of fancy soap and wrap the cloth around it with a ribbon, ta daaa!  I have a whole stack of unused washcloths knitted and crocheted 'just because I felt like making one' that get raided for gifts for the most part, and occasionally for me. 

RE: a blanket, since it's cotton and bulky weight, I agree it might be a bit heavy.  Maybe make something with a bit of an openwork/lacy pattern.  Oh you said infant...well, maybe a less dense stitch (some folks say babies catch their fingers in lace holes, but then there are a lot of holey baby blanket patttern...I don't have kids so can't comment).  Post stitches are really dense (and yarn eaters), plain DC is less dense than SC and take less yarn per square inch.

What about a baby garment?  They are fun to make because they're done before you know it (if you're used to grownup ones), and also a good way to practice concepts for grownup garments if you haven't made any.  

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