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  1. JessWell

    Yarn Bee Cotton XXL

    Thanks! I really appreciate the advice!
  2. JessWell

    Yarn Bee Cotton XXL

    Thank you! Do you think it would be too heavy for a blanket? I have 2 skeins but could easily buy more. I am not super concerned about lot dies since its a natural color I wouldn't mind variation and its just something fun for my infant that wouldn't notice either way. I do like the idea of wash cloths!
  3. JessWell

    Yarn Bee Cotton XXL

    Hi Everyone! I am new to crochet. I have only ever made a Bunny. I used the Yarn Bee Cotton XXL and have tons of it left. What types of things can I make with it? I linked the yarn below. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Yarn-Needle-Art/Yarn/White-Yarn-Bee-Cotton-XXL-Yarn/p/80896154 Thanks!